January 12, 2009

Real Food...it's what's for dinner!

I just knew asking y'all if you had any ideas or suggestions you'd come thru...and you did!!

I totally forgot about sushi! (Thanks Shawna!) I can have every thing cut up in advance and make a quick roll for him. And the pad Thai (mild, very mild), rice vermicelli. (...and you didn't think you were helping Tracy!) The salmon! Oh, the blessed salmon! (Flea, he thinks you are a Goddess!)

The websites. Thank you, thank you. I have read all weekend. Without Shawna and Sheila I wouldn't have known there was a dedicated Gastroperisis Cookbook coming out soon! Without Willow I would have continued to space the fact I have the cookbook for kids with special food needs right in my cookbook drawer! Thanks for jogging my memory Girl!

FIL wrote a personal email to tell us about a possible surgery to implant a stomach pacemaker if Big Shooter's condition remains a chronic one. That told BS two things: 1. His dad did a bunch of research to understand his condition more thoroughly. (You don't find the surgical info without a little digging.) And 2. He's with us. Thank you my sweet Father-in-Law. You, once again, made his mouth form that touched, teary-eyed, cared for smile.

I so appreciate all your suggestions. It may seem like a small thing for you to make a suggestion...but, it is HUGE to me! I get so overwhelmed and bogged down I forget simple things like cooking the rice with / in broth. (Thanks for the reminder Sheila!)

Pat, my dear friend, you of all people know what this is like. (Her DS was allergic to everything. Every.Thing.) Thank you for reminding me and I would love to talk to his nutritionist here in town!!
Fringe Girl, I know it sounds impossible (and honestly Big Shooter's diet is a pain in the arse), but actually feeding the Crumbs and myself isn't too hard. It's when we throw BS's woes in the mix that I have to cook two meals. Which is only dinner during the week. And with a whole cookbook coming our way soon, two meals won't seem too bad. Someone suggested doubling the meals I do make and serving left overs or freezing them for those rushed, hurry-up and go times. Brilliant! And oh so easy!
Thank you! Thank you all!
We put all the names in an OU hat and had Boy Child draw out a name for the nylon carry-all that comes all folded up in a little bitty pouch. It was my hometown girl, Flea! Congrats. Can you please send me your address Girly??
We put Shawna and Sheila in the hat for the canvas bag since they each came back at least once to give us some more tips. Girl Child drew Sheila's name out. Congrats my friend. I'll be sending it soon with our annual New Year's letter.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing the Cardinal Girl Rule I broke...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Well now. I hope it wasn't too bad being outed again. Cause Love, I'm gonna be cookin' up a storm for youuuu! I love you Skinny Minny!


Flea said...

Oh what fun! Thank you! And BS is right about me. :)

So are you going to deliver my prize in person? :) I'll email you my address. Happy eats, girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you found some recipes and other had great suggestions for you. Hats off to you! Sometimes I can't even throw one meal together and you manage two with many restrictions. You're a good woman Straight Shooter. Keep the meals coming.

ShEiLa said...

I won? Wow!
I wasn't trying to win this time.
I just really wanted to make life easier on you, BS, CS1 & CS2.
Thank you!
I have never been real big into recipes. My Mom's were mostly in her head. So I invent new things. I have gotten lazy with all the kids gone and weight watchers...a LC (LeanCusine) or SC(SmartChoice)or HC(HealthyChoice) fits for one.
That way the portion & points meet the requirements.
Have A Great Day!

Rudy said...

Glad you found so much help.