January 28, 2009

"Hello Principal Shooter? Yeah (fake cough), I need a sub today..."

I figure that's what I may need to do after Big Shooter's misplaced words of yesterday's post.
Silly man. He has no idea what is about to be set before him!
(This would be BS after, oh say 10 minutes, of teaching the Crumbs...)
My mom does.

And she won't do it again.

Be my substitute.

When Big Shooter came home from the little surgery in which they cut him in half and removed a cancer ridden organ and I was still fulfilling his fantasy of servant, I mean nurse, my very brave momma agreed to teach the Crumbs for me a couple days so they wouldn't get too far behind.
Picture of Brave Momma teaching the Crumbs

How'd that turn out?

Wellll, let me ask you what you were like when you walked into class and saw an easy target - a.k.a. a substitute teacher?

It went about this good:
I'm just pulling your leg. Well, about the easy target substitute part....
And now speaking of school, I have decided since a majority of my days are taken up with school I would like to share a little fact each day. Starting with today.
Where were you when...?

...this happened 23 years ago today?

I was a junior in Chemistry class. And I can hear President Reagan's words in my head to this day, "...when they slipped the surly bonds of this Earth and touched the face of God."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Sorry to dampen your mood in the end Big Guy. I have another fact you might find enjoyable. Cause I think it's a guy thing? Yesterday (when I wanted to start a Fact a Day), Thomas Crapper, the guy who invented...well, you know, would have been 99 years old.


Flea said...

Oh. I remember that day well. I was in chapel at ORU, my freshman year, when someone walked onto stage and whispered in the chaplain's ear. He told us what happened, we prayed, then all went back to our dorm rooms to cry and watch the TV coverage.

When the shuttle blew up over Texas just a few years ago, the kids and I were watching the coverage on TV, waiting for it to cross over the house, waiting for the twin sonic booms (we lived in Orlando). It was such a shock to watch, live, as it evaporated.

Two days I'll never forget.

Goob said...

8th grade...I wanted to feel like it was important, but I remember quite distinctly that I couldn't cry about it, even though I could see around me that crying was the appropriate response (from the adults...8th graders don't have the same wiring as adults, clearly.)

ShEiLa said...

When you 'call in a sub' do you have the lesson plan all ready?

My daughter at USU learned this last year. Have BS teach the crumbs about their wenis (wenus).
My daughter can touch her tongue to her wenis. Her university friends told her what the end of her elbow was. Ü
Guess they don't teach that in small town public school.

ShEiLa said...

23 years ago I was pregnant with my third child. My oldest was 3 years old. truthfully... I can't remember where I was... probably at home but...

My hubby says he was in the K-mart in Kingman AZ with his grandparents when he first found out about it.

I told you yesterday that my retention of knowledge/events is nil.

ToOdLeS AgAiN.ShEiLa

FerLee said...

Man, do I feel young. I was 12...just barely. I was homeschooled at the time and we were getting ready to leave the house for a homeschool activity. The tv was on and getting ready to be turned off when we noticed they were covering something big. We stopped to watch and never did make it to the homeschool activity. The thing I remember most was seeing the front door that we were getting ready to go through and then looking at the tv. From there it's pretty blurry. I do remember shortly after that going to the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchison, KS and seeing a memorial they had put up to each of the astronauts. It was sobering.