January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day 2009

I was going to post about the Big Day, Shooter Style. But several things are keeping me from it.
First being that Girl Child begged me not to. She has "had all I can take of change today Mommy. Please, not another word about why I should be happy and proud... please. I just... am not." Second, I have too many angles to hit so I can't settle on just one. In fact, I could not stop thinking of titles all day to cover all the points I wanted to talk (make fun of, smile at, point out, moan over, basically gnash my teeth) about. Here are a few I could remember:

19 minutes of "Stormy weather and icy conditions ahead..." (seriously. I thought it would be fantastic. Out of the park. It's a main reason the Crumbs had to stop lessons and watch. But, nothing jumped out. No "Ask not what your country...", "...nothing to fear, but fear itself", or "I have a dream.")

The Dream became a Reality

Moving Day

Fumbled Oath


The Fruit of Lincoln's Labor

New Residents at 1600


2 Million Man March

We've Come a Long Way

Poor Ted

Here today, Gone this morning

Good-Bye Laura

New First Family

Engaged in two wars & financial dire straits and $160,000,000.00 of the taxpayers' $$ was spent on A Party for One... Nice change Dems.

Already Hoping for a Change

I Feel Sick

Frigid Stroll into History

On the serious side, I want what my wise FIL wants in this new POTUS, "Sweetie, I hope in 4 years I'll want to vote for him..."

Well said FIL. Me too.

I wish him well.

I hope he is successful in all he dreams and promises for this the Greatest Country in the World.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I didn't tell you the rest of the story about your boy when it came to the "privates, goodies, garter mix-up". After Boy Child was reminded what a garter was he thought for a little bit and then asked, "Is that the little thing I'll sling-shot and other guys will catch it?" I responded affirmative. With a concerned expression he observed, "But...if it touched my wife...I really don't want other guys to touch it Mommy..."

Be still my heart. You're doing a great job with him Love. Thank you from his mother, sister, and his future wife and daughters.


Rachel said...

I'm sort of feeling the exact same way! I just posted a lot of the same thoughts on my blog today. I'm a little worried about his changes, but I'm hoping in the end he'll be great!

Rudy said...

I didn't watch. My son's school all had to go to the auditorium to watch it. I didn't turn tv on until 7 for American Idol.

ShEiLa said...

More on the crumbsnatchers...
i love the love note.
what a nice young man.


Unknown said...

i watched alllll day!!! while I did not vote for him...I feel like I must support him to some degree....

I am visiting all the blogs nom'd for the 2008 Okie Blog awards...just wanted to say CONGRATS on your nom!!!

I would Love your vote

Flea said...

What a sweet boy.

There are some hopes and dreams of the new POTUS I truly hope don't come true. Like the abortion issues. Still frowning.

Hey, when are we getting together for lunch? I promise not to frown. :) See?

6 Happy Hearts said...

OMGosh that comment at the end got MY heart!!! How old is your boy? I'm not opposed to arranged marriage ; )
Sooo sweet!!!
Congrats on your Okie Blogger nomination : )
Love the titles...too funny. Send your resume in as the shiny, new prez could use a witty writer such as yourself!

Dawn said...

I wanted to stop by and tell you congrats on your nomination!!

You have such a fun blog!! :)

I am with you on your presidental views. I do pray he will improve our country. And, I hope I'll WANT to vote for him in four years as well.

And, I had heard it was $175 million that was spent! It was way too much either way. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

c'mon the 160 million was far less than the 18 trillion that bushy cost the american taxpayer. The 160 million was donated funding not taxpayer dollars.