January 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We all remember former President Bush standing on the flight deck with the ginormous banner behind him - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. He faced years of ridicule for that. My question to you is this: Did he accomplish his personal mission to protect us on his watch? Did we not enjoy safety in our own country on his watch?

I am with the half of the U.S. who believes we must make the unpleasant choice, apply force when needed, sacrifice one to save all, if you will. I am mortified to find out the first change President Obama has signed into effect is the closing of Gitmo (with no clear and solid plan as to where the detainees are going. Some are going to be sent back to their countries, some to other countries, some into the U.S. Of course this is all tentative to a 30 day committee investigation???) That decision joined with these idealistic notions : "We intend to win this fight. We're going to win it on our terms, in a manner that is consistent with our values and our ideals," Obama declared, turning U.S. policy abruptly on just his second full day in office.

??? Our terms? Is he joking? When was the last time you heard an extremist say, "Before I blow myself up to kill as many of you infidels as I can so I can go visit my 70 virgins, I'd really be interested in your terms of this fight." Riiiight. And with "our values and ideals"???? There are so many grown men cleaning their britches out tonight...I am with them.

Call it what you want. It is bleeding heart, idealistic, naivety b.s.
Be prepared people, we are going to be attacked again.
No wonder he received the high praise and high campaign donations from the Arab nations. They must be licking their chops today. Salivating at their luck.

I may be in the minority, but I am thankful for Bush's resolve, his steadfast commitment to keeping my children safe, not matter the risk, ridicule, or crucifixion he faced. I knew he was willing to do whatever it took. And, I for one, appreciated that.

A friend of mine sent this link to me yesterday. It is a place to thank President Bush for his actions and protection of us right after and around 9/11. Here's the letter I left him:

To My Steadfast Commander In Chief,
I offer my sincerest gratitude for becoming a nation's unyielding shield. For enduring the enemy's painful arrows and at times the world's wrath. You were an exemplary shepard to your flock. You offered shelter in stormy weather. Water to our souls when they were withered with sorrow and worry. Sustenance when there seemed to be no more available. You never shied from the wolves. Always sought out the one missing and in need of protection. Ever mindful of us. Of our vulnerabilities.The price you paid for my continued freedom is immeasurable. And I am eternally grateful.
Your fellow American,
Straight Shooter

President George W. Bush walks the South Lawn Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009, prior to departing the White House for the final time.

Former President George W. Bush glances out over the U.S. Capitol as he helicopters a final time to Andrews Air Force Base Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009, following the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.

A folder addressed to "44," left by Former President George W. Bush for President Barack Obama, sits on the Resolute desk in the Oval Office Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I love the new House Rule: Cuddling on the sofa for 15 minutes...NO MATTER WHAT is on the have to get done list. Cause you are correct, (yeees. I said correct and you in the same breath) nothin' is more important than gettin' us done. Thank you for reminding me. (I would go gag about this time in a normal Love Note, but I am actually very touched by Big Shooter's new insight.) Love you Big Guy.


Unknown said...

I agree. Thanks, Bush Jr. You rocked that presidency and we all felt a little safer while you were there.

Sara said...

Thank you for this. It really made me stop and think about how we have been safe since 2001. No matter what his decisions were about, he kept us safe. And I LOVE the new "have to do no matter what" cuddling on the couch. What a great way to reconnect.

Gordostyle said...

Oh Straight Shooter. I SO feel your pain. I SO back up your thoughts about our hero, President Bush. I SO back up your fears about Obama. I'm scared. I'm thankful for what Bush did. I think many people are stupid for voting for color only. That in itself is prejudice. I want a true American for president. One that can say the Pledge that our country stands for. One that believes in the one true God. I want someone who knows that with every good country comes a country that has to fight for what it has and for what's right. I want Bush back -- But, I'd totally take McCain in a second. After all... who could defend our country better than someone that already has.

God Bless the USA,

Goob said...

"on our terms"...would those be the 60 year old rules of engagement that create a "gentleman's war"? yeah...my husband rode up the highway to Baghdad in a humvee, ordered not to engage, as 100's and 100's of combatants walked on by, only to regroup later and destroy thousands of American lives. no greater frustration has a man ever had than knowing he could have done something to stop a future slaughter, but orders didn't allow it.

ShEiLa said...

Opinion asked for, right?

Yes. He kept us safe. He gave the terrorists everything they wanted on his watch. Blame where blame is due.

Do I think we may be attacked again on our own soil? Not if we pull our troops out of countries where they have no business being and focus all of our efforts on protecting the United States of America. If we spend our time & money in protecting Americans that are living in America... we will be just fine.

If we had been doing that on the [Bush watch] with tight security and military intelligence HERE. If we had not been caught sleeping on the job thinking that America will remain safe simply because we assume it will always be safe... that is a sense of FALSE security. WE cannot let that happen again.

The sooner we get our military home defending freedom in a country that is free... the better off we will be.


Anonymous said...

I feel the EXACT same way!! I believe there would NOT have been a 9-11 had Billie Boy taken care of business, instead of dropping a few bombs here and there and going home. The terrorists enjoyed 8 years of mamby pampiness and had PLENTY of time to get all their ducks in a row. And the outcome of that was witnessed by all. Bush wasn't afraid to make the tough calls and do whatever it took to defend this great nation. He didn't consider it "above his pay grade" to make those kind of calls, and I'm forever grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

You all crack me up. Just because your being told your safer because I tell you so... You forget 9/11 happened on bushs watch. There was evidence it was going to happen and his watchers did nothing. And by the way I want to thank you for all of you for your support of bush.... the loss of jobs, the loss of retirement funds, the more than doubleling of the national debt, the finacial markets collapse, higher health care cost, and I could go on and on. Thank you George Bush for the great leadership on all those issues. I guess you are great because you didn't have a excapade with a white house itern. But you did lie to all of us.

FerLee said...

For one who used to watch news almost religeously...I'm really behind on the times. Shut down Gitmo...on his second day. Are you kidding me??? Let's just say "Well, sorry you've had to bleed and die our dear soldiers, but we don't believe in what your Commander was doing so we'll just reverse it. Toodles!" because if we back down now, that's EXACTLY the message we leave. I have seen 2 brother-in-laws go off to this war. I have watched their wives suffer and sacrifice. I have seen the effects of it on the men. And, I have talked with them about their experience. That is a SLAP in their faces.

What, pray tell, would our grandparents have done if they were in our place now? Would they have walked away? Tried to negotiate? Not dropped the bombs that stopped WWII? Not fought, bled & died to stop the butcher Hitler? That's what they faced and they did it with a resolve seen in our former president. That's WHY we're free! That's why we are not under the thumb of a dictator ourselves! It's been proven time after time...time after time...and time after time again that fighting on another country's soil till the job is DONE gives us the very freedoms we treasure.

Our current president compares himself to Lincoln, but he proves immediately that he doesn't have a 1/4 of the cojones that Lincoln had. Lincoln took this very country into a civil war against the injustice of slavery that gave our current president his freedom. That was a decision that our current president would never make. Why? Because it's not popular. It takes the extremely TOUGH decisions and fortitude to make and keep the freedoms we so enjoy. They are not popular because they are not easy, and so far this president has only shown that he makes popular/politically correct decisions. THAT will get us into trouble.

Which would we prefer...fight off evil where it resides before it can make plans, before it can put those plans into action...be proactive instead of reactive? I for one would much rather be proactive instead of being behind and reactive. THAT is what our former president was doing. That isn't popular because it means doing something now instead of sitting on our lazy butts and hoping nothing happens. That's what we did the 8 years before and it got us 9/11. It's proven not to work. Let's hope our current sitting president learns from past administrations failures and successes and is smarter than I give him credit for.

Anonymous said...

Again I must thank all of you for your on going support of Bushy... He took us to war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Lied to everyone about the weapons of mass destruction, the cost of the war and the lenght of the war. HE HAD NO PLAN...he just wanted to play war. There are many more groups that now have a reason to be against the quote "American Agenda". Our foreign policies are a joke in that we say one thing and end up doing another. No wonder there is no support from other countries to continue in Iraq. But I must remember the only news sources you get from the wind comes whippin down the plain is from the far right of the compass.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Wow, Kent.
You're a great example of a Liberal who wants to bring unity to our bruised & bleeding country...
Way to reach across the aisle. With a fist.
Thanks for visiting and giving us all reason to believe there is HOPE and CHANGE a comin'!

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Got to thinkin' about your comments and always wonder what makes people leave hateful, insinuating comments on strangers blogs. Then, with great sadness, I hoped you didn't feel comfortable in doing so because my lovely friend Sheila clarified I'd asked for an opinion before she left her comments. For if you did, I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear: You may think you share the same views as her, but you ARE NOTHING LIKE HER.
She disagrees with grace and understanding, never rudeness or name calling.
She gets her points across with feeling and passion, never belittling insinuations.
She reaches out with an open outstretched hand, never with a spiked club.
She is a lady.
And a friend.
I hope to meet her one day.

FerLee said...

After my rant I realized I hadn't said "Thank You!" Thanks for the link and idea to send President Bush my thanks. Leave it to you to find and pass on something like this. They always seem to find you.

Anonymous said...

straigh shooter thanks for your reply... Think about what you said about be a unifier. Your stance continues to be one of believing in someone that was not a unifier. You continue to believe the retoric that lead to the majority of people in this country to be upset with the leadership they had received and to demand a change.... but that was not the case in Oklahoma. For the past eight years the leadership has lead by intimidation. Not by leadership. More people should have questioned what was happening to get truethful and correct answers that could have lead to greater support. And as the new admistration starts the extreme right continues to be a combatant against the new american leadership. (Obama is a Muslim< Obama is not a citizen of the US, Obama wasn't really president because the oath of office was misquoted,, so on and so on.) I guess those are unifying members of the right. Tough questions do need to be answered. But in response to FERLEE the answers we had that were correct four years ago, or two years ago, or even one year ago may need to be changed from those orignial responses. How many of us are doing the same thing finacially that were doing even six months ago. So the really tough question must be looked at constantly and sometimes we must change course from where we have been going. Which takes me back to the original post of all of this.... Mission accomplished (Was this really the fact as it was told to us?, Are we really safer today than we were eight years ago? Do we want the fighting men of America to end up in some foreign prison locked up under the control of another country with no means to defend them. Because our soldiers have been declared terrorist of some foreign country and would be detained in some foreign Gitmo. We all need to question leadership at all times... not follow it blindly. We need to check the facts. Be realistic with the results, and demand more from our leaders. This is really my point to you... Question the leadership at all times, even when you feel the leadership has been good. Theres always another side to the story.

Again thank you for your reply. Hopefully I have raised some points to ponder and maybe even question or two to be asked.

6 Happy Hearts said...

I'm too exhausted to leave a comment after reading the one's before me ; )

Anonymous said...

Kent, we're not safer because somebody told us we are, we are safer because homeland security has thwarted dozens of attempts by terrorists to commit crimes within our borders.
And just so its abundantly clear, yes, I do have special knowledge of these facts, so don't go telling me that I am chosing to blindly believe what I am being told, I am telling you I have seen information with my own eyes that proves to me that policies put in place under the Bush administration ultimately resulted in our country NOT being attacked again, regardless of the serious efforts on the part of the enemy.
I am posting anonymously not because I don't stand by what I'm saying, but because I need to stay private.

Anonymous said...

dear Anonymous

Your my point... I'm being told by someone who is anonymous that I'm safe.. You've seen it with your own eyes. That is exactly what is said about every urban myth... I"VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES. Yet the proof or the facts are not there. Did the emperor have new clothes? So in my opionion you come off as the emperor... We're safer because you say it is....but you can't show you what you know. Hmmmm so your anonymous.

Goob said...

What a testament to Straight Shooter's love for freedom of speech that she has not blocked Kent yet. I am not sure I am that big of a person. Kudos to you lady~

Anonymous said...

yes kudos to everyone on these comments. There has been discussion on Mission accomplished. No we don't all agree. Everyone here has at least read my opinions, maybe even submitted a rebutal. Maybe each of us comes away with a different outlook and more insight due to the discussion. Doesn't mean any of us have necessarily change our personal opinions, but there has been a dialog. And that is what the United States was founded for. That all citizens have the right to question the goverment and to be provided with truethful answers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for saying this! I feel less alone!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! My comment was intended to be related to the actual Post by Straight Shooter. I had not even begun to read other comments when I left mine. Go Straight Shooter, thank you for speaking up.

Anonymous said...

I do so appreciate your Godly wisdom and insight, Straight Shooter.

Thanks for keeping me in the know.

faroutmom said...

Wow S.S. you sure know how to win friends and influence people...lol! Love you girl.