January 9, 2009

Sawdust... It's what's for dinner.

I need some help. More specifically, I need some recipe ideas. I know I just lost a bunch of you right there. But if you like challenges, this is your game. I promise. If you can come up with a meal I can serve the two males (Girl Child can just suffer through and I will be thrilled to cook one meal at a time.) I will put your name in a drawing for one of these re-usable bags.

And if you come up with TWO (oh.my.word. I would be giddy with excitement!) recipes for the males to eat at once I'll put you in the drawing for this as well!

Here's why:

Big Shooter's eating woes: He has gastroparisis (stomach is paralyzed) so he can have no fiber. No fiber. Did you know there is fiber in coffee? He can eat very few veggies, IF they are cooked to mush. No salads. NO berries. No fruits... well, I can put a few fresh ones in front of him, IF I peel them first. And I'm not talking the ones you think of when you say peel here either, like grapes. NO legumes or nuts of any kind. NO seeds or grains of any kinds. No oats or brown rice. Basically, for the gastroparisis he can eat white enriched flour and white rice with a side of air. Now, here's where I always screw it up, since he had his gallbladder removed he cannot tolerate (that's my nice way of saying how his body reacts) ANY fats, oils or spice either. Whenever I hear of some scrumptious meal made of white enriched flour or nutritious white rice I jump right on it in hopes he will like it. What I always seem to forget about are the fats, oils and spices in it to jazz it up... Bad, bad wife.

Anyone see my dilemma?

Let's move on to Boy Child's allergies: He is allergic to soy, corn, wheat, and peanuts. Only four things. They just happen to be the four ingredients in every thing...

Now Girl Child is not allergic or ill. Her affliction is pickiness: NO meat. Okay, maybe a small nibble of a pork chop. Eggs? Occasionally, but mostly eeeh. Milk? In cereal, but for the most part, eeeh. Veggies? EEEEh, except a few raw carrots. Fruits? eeeh, except grapes and an occasional orange. Our rule is: You have to at least try a bite of what ever we serve. She does so without complaint. Then calmly gags. She doesn't make a big deal of it. She doesn't whine or complain that she is starving b/c she chose not to eat...and she is. This has completely caught me off guard. This is the child who orders tomato florentine souItalicp and calamari for lunch, but won't finish a couple pieces of grilled chicken breast to save her life. What does she like? Any bread or pasta related food out there. She would eat her way out of an Olympic size pool if it was filled with simple sugar carbs like white bread or spaghetti. (She can't do wheat because it doesn't feel or look right.) I wonder at times if she has acquired this newish pickiness because of how much time, effort and thought I have to put into meals for the other two...
Anyway, there it is. Back when Big Shooter still had his gallbladder and before cancer, when he still had his kidney, and before his stomach just decided to stop working one day, it really was rather simple to feed Boy Child. Meat, veggies, oat breads, fruits, legumes, berries, nuts...healthy whole foods. Now? Not so easy for the momma. We three have gained tremendous amounts of weight eating what Daddy can tolerate and Boy Howdy, that has been BAD! So basically I cook two meals each night. I would so love to NOT HAVE TO DO THAT!
Okay, done whining! Thanks for your ideas. I know you all will come up with things I would never have thought of. That's why I am finally sharing.
Love Note to Big Shooter: Sorry I outed your health issues to the bloggy world again. But these are super smart and creative thinkers who visit here! They will be able to offer you something besides white rice and air. I just know it! I love you.


Shawna said...

Oh, man! This is a tough challenge, and I can only imagine how difficult it is to feed everyone -- every day. I've got nothing for you, except that as I was reading your long list of restrictions I wondered how my new favorite food, sushi, would fit in. Would any of them give it a try?

Queen B said...

I offer no help. Just wanted to say that I hope someone else can be really helpful. Because that may possibly be the most complicated meal planning situation in the history of man.

Gordostyle said...

OMG! I feel for you but have absolutely NOTHING to offer!

Good luck!

ShEiLa said...

I am going to give this one some thought. Wow! I have a friend on a diabetic/renal diet and it is a challenge... but your demands sound worse. Hummmmm. Talk about discouraging. I will let you know if I come up with anything at all.
I am even printing the do's & don'ts to remember them all while I go ponder on the sofa.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, I can barely come up with recipes for normal eating habits!

Good luck!

Sara said...

Bless.your.heart. And how awful for Big Shooter.

That's all I've got.

ShEiLa said...

Just found this site...
take a peek
that is what I am doing.


ShEiLa said...

The other thing that came to mind.
Can you season with herbs?
Like does BS tolerate Mrs.Dash type seasoning?

Although I have been wracking my brain... I am not coming up with much. The last site is most interesting though.

Have you also used chicken broth to cook your rice in... that would make it more flavorful.

still thinking about ya!


ps. my husband says, there are only two things men really want. A sandwhich and sex. If he can't have the sandwhich... more sex it is! Ü Isn't he funny.

pss. If I were he...
I would be trying Ensure... nope I guess not. I just read the ingredients. But I would be trying to find some a similar drink to make sure I was not lacking in vitamins & minerals.

Shawna said...

Have you seen this?
It's a recipe book; the author is Beth Schuman. Since they don't sell it on amazon, I have no idea where you could find it. Given your predicament, it's worth a look!

Flea said...

Can either male eat salmon? Or capers? I coat the salmon filet with drained capes, then cover it with plain brown sugar or honey, wrap it in foil and bake till tender. About 25 minutes in a 350 over. Delicious!


Oh my word that's a tough crowd. Try the cookbook called Special Diets For Special Kids (there's a I and a II, but the first has more information, so if you can only get one, get the first). Google it, but I think you'll find it pretty helpful.

Blessings, Carolynn

Rudy said...

Have you thought of seeing a nutritionist? I like the one my son is seeing and she's here in town.
You poor thing, I know what it's like cooking 2 different meals.

Anonymous said...

How do you guys survive? Really...what do you eat?

I'm no help and I'm sorry. You must need help.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine... I have a hard enough time with all food at our disposal!
I just had to go and Google this... And all I can say is, wow! A recommended menu consisted of boullion, Gatorade and saltines... Yikes!
I'm echoing 'sushi' up top... maybe Asian: rice vermicelli, well-cooked veg... mild pad-thai... holy moly... I know that really doesn't help, I was just trying to imagine what I might prepare if it were us... but, come to think of it, a mainly Asian menu would completely end up starving two of my own pickies!
Good luck!

Christine said...

I made this tonight and it was so good. Couldn't even tell the onions were really in there. I didn't review all the requirements again to see if this recipe might work, but with only four ingredients you should be able to tell pretty quickly:

Honey Barbecue Pork Chops (or chicken)

Throw some pork chops in the crock pot. Slice an onion really thinly and lay that over the top of the chops. Salt and pepper it. In a bowl, mix together a cup of barbecue sauce and a third-cup of honey and pour that over the onions and pork chops. Cook on low for a good long time.

I served it with white rice. Yum!

I feel for ya with all those issues to deal with. I have some picky eaters and I can totally relate on the non-fruit and vegetable thing. But making two meals...that's hard. I wish I had some more things for you to try.