January 13, 2009

I broke a CHICK cardinal rule.

Once upon a time there was a Young Maiden and a Gallant Suitor.

They suited for 5 1/2 years.

Then they wedded.

Many blissful TINK years went by. (two income no kids)

Then one day the Young Maiden gave birth to the first Crumb Snatcher.

She was awakened from her pleasant dream world abruptly.

She noted her youth fading.

She noted her girth increasing.

And alas, she noted her memory lapsing.

This last fact was the most disheartening. For she wanted more than anything to remember all she had experienced with her Suitor...and of course, his spawn.

When ever fate would grant her an opportunity to celebrate with him, she grabbed it with both hands.

Their favorite celebrated day was the anniversary of their union.

They loved the season.

They loved the spirit that surrounds it.

They loved ditchin' the Crumbs.

One day, several weeks after their last celebration. The Maiden was pondering their union.

If one was spying on her thru the window pane, one would have seen first a look of puzzlement. Then astonishment. Then a full throttle belly laugh from deep within.

For when her Gallant Suitor came to see what she found humorous she asked, "How long, O Love of my Life, have we been blessed in this union?"

She laughed even more heartily when he replied with a flourish and exuberant flair, "Why 17 glorious years My Pet."

You see dear one, as she had lay earlier pondering her union, she realized they had celebrated their 17th Blessed Year...and they had only been bound for 16.

As she began to explain the fact to Suitor Man, he guffawed and snorted for he remembered they had celebrated their 16th the year before when in actuality it was the big 15 milestone instead!

The Suitor shook his head and with a dead serious face whispered these loving words, "Wuh-ow! Sure glad it wasn't me that screwed that one up!! Forgetting your own anniversary is like a huge cardinal sin isn't it?? Or at least a death wish..."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Wow, times flies when you're havin' fun!!


Flea said...

That is too funny! Last year we both thought our anniversary was the day AFTER our real anniversary. But we really have been married 17 years this last week.

Good to know we have cardinal rules. :)

Anonymous said...

That's funny.
We did the same thing.
Actually had to get the license out of the safe to verify the year.

Whatever happened to celebrating every month? That was years ago.

Goob said...

haha! Turn in your chick card. You fail! lol

Kristina P. said...

This is totally something I would do. No joke.

ShEiLa said...

Oh glad it was not just US! The same thing. Dec. 29th was our 27th anniversary. However, that morning I said that and Tony said do the math honey... it's 28. So I took 2009 and subtracted 1981 and got 28. Oh you are so right I said and placed the number on my blog. 2 weeks later I discovered... December of 08 not 09. We were installing new windows in our home and I rushed outside and said... You were so wrong it is 27 not 28. He calmly said... it feels like alot more than that.

Anonymous said...

Haw Haw! Kinda reminds me of that joke: "They say people who are married live longer. However, recent evidence shows that it only FEELS longer."

But don't worry about it. I've never forgotten our anniversary or the number of years, but I break a cardinal chick rule constantly by being delighted with growing older. I can't wait to be thoroughly wrinkled.

FerLee said...

LOL...I love it...I love being able to make excuses for memory laps...3 kids...just turned 35...gray hair...working way too hard...anything that I can claim I will wholeheartedly!!!!!

FerLee said...

Oh...just as I posted this my cell phone rang. I'm sitting here at my desk and my purse is right beside me. I searched and searched my purse thinking "I know it's right here! I can hear it clearly, but where is it?" Suddenly I realized that the phone I was hearing was attached to the pocket right next to my head which was leaning down to look in my purse. DUH!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was so funny. I'm terrible with dates and constantly have to think about things like this. I even get confused with how old I am...I guess that's what happens when you lie about your age as much as I do.

Unknown said...

What's pitiful is that I can totally relate to this post.