December 9, 2008

We are back and pooped-out y'all

After a day or two of Catch Up, my first post should be "What I learned driving for 24 hours across 6 states with two Crumbs age 8 "and 3 quarters" & 10..."
In the mean time I figured I'd leave you with a few of my very first posts. (I find it hard to believe I started this most wonderful adventure called Laying Out Your Dirty Underwear For Everyone to See over a year ago!!)
Although, I will voice these few warnings (read excuses) before you click:

  1. I was a new, fledgling blogger.
  2. I hadn't found my voice yet.
  3. I hadn't had my hand slapped in the bloggy etiquette department yet.

Olliver ~ Our Brain Dead Pug (There really isn't much else to add to that title.)

Home + School = Homeschool? (This is the one published in Blog Nosh. My Canadian bloggy friend Tracy is an editor. I have no idea how she found it...or why she picked it. But, I was thuh-rilled none the less! Thank you Tracy!!)

Big Shooter isn't half the man he used to be... (Oh My Word! I guess this is the upside of a diseased gallbladder, kidney cancer, gastroparisis,... And this isn't even a recent picture of him...look in my side bar for that Hunk-O-Munk!)

"Give me baaaack my puke...!!!" (Yeah, it was a proud moment when I pushed the Publish button for that one.)

I missed you all VERY much! It is just plain weird and VERY cool how friendships are built in cyberspace. I thought of you all the time. In fact, my little bloggy book is full of post ideas and facts I want to share with you all. But, for now I need a few days for laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, homeschool planning, mail sorting, bill paying, toilet cleaning, and smooching with Big Shooter.

Oh, and an Amish dinner in Chouteau, OK (quite a little drive away) I planned for our homeschool group a month ago...

  • for tonight.
  • the day after I finished driving 17oo miles.
  • in crappy, sleety, drizzily, 30 degree weather.
  • we need to leave in a little bit...I'm still in my pjs
  • What the &*$# was I thinkin'?

Along with my Mother of the Year award I feel I also deserve the Planner of the Year award, don'tcha think?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: When this evening has finally come to a close, I will say The Saying...but, only if you've read this post and know I just said that. Heh.

Love Note to Y'all: Reminder if your fam is taking part in The Bundle of Thanks project: They need to be sent by this Sunday if you want them to reach your servicemen by Christmas. I am anxious to hear your fave parts of your family's letters!


ShEiLa said...

Are you kidding? Don't plan big things for the day you get back in town. Silly girl with a bad plan.

Flea said...

I'm so glad you're back ... because TAG! You're it!

Dawn said...

I love eating at the Amish house.

I grew up in Chouteau. And, want to know something really funny? I'm the reigning Miss Choutteau since 1985!!! They haven't had another one since! LOL!!!

My mom and step dad own a car wash there and she is getting ready to go back to doing hair at a little shop she is purchasing.

Small world!
Glad you had a nice trip. :)