December 6, 2007

Big Shooter isn't half the man he was...

When was the last time you had one of those head-whipped-back-to-take-a-second-look-can't-believe-your-eyes moments?

Mine was yesterday.

Here's why...

A year later...


Have we told you lately Big Shooter how proud we are of you?
How you make me all tingly?
How grateful we are you cared enough to ensure you'd be around a few extra years for us?
How you make my insides tingle with glee?
How much we love you?
How tingly I'm feeling just gazing at your photo?
You are our rock.
You know why I call you BIG Shooter, right?

Post Script:
Crumb Snatcher #2 thinks she knows why. "It's because he's sooo good at Lazer Quest, right Momma?" "Hmmm....well...kinda does have something to do with a Quest... a conquest." "A what?" "...umm, did I say that? Never mind honey. Run along and play."
Yikes, that was ackward.


Shannon said...

Goodness gracious...get a room! HaHa..I Laughed out load several times and I was only reading the first blog entry and your side note! You are hysterical!

Jennifer said...


WOW!!!! I haven't seen you guys for a while it seems. Who is that handsome man you're strutting (and I do mean STRUTTING) around with? Seems we need to scrapbook sometime and "talk" as only us "Nutty Fluffers" can (I still prefer that name by the way).