December 24, 2007

We are having a Charlie Brown Christmas

The Crumb Snatchers are really into Charlie Brown and Peanuts these days. When they saw A Charlie Brown Christmas...the world as we know it stopped to pay absolute homage for those blessed few minutes! They love reciting Linus' true meaning of Christmas speech and they love the Charlie Brown tree. Since we are so far behind the real calendar we thought it might be a good idea if we let them decorate a CB tree of their own so we did not have to drag out all the Christmas paraphernalia. Well, it was not a good was an outstanding, fantastic, "who was the brilliant person who thought up that?!" kind of idea! Watching them contemplate, heavily weigh, discuss, and analyze the selection of the actual tree and adornments then commence the decoration was like watching Benedict perform High Mass at the was that holy, serious and unforgettable. We may do this every year from now on. Forgive my pictures please. An elf who lives in Connecticut said I am receiving a super new camera in a couple days time...Woo Hoo! There will be no telling what will show up on this blog after that!

I so wish I was an award winning photographer. This tree truly looks, tilts, and sags just like the real Chuck Tree.

This star picture is actually pretty, but trust me, it is as tacky as they come. How do you like those cheap little red bows and sequin garland? Yep. I said sequin.

#1 had to have this one footed nutcracker "Cause I was one, want to be a real one...". That my friends is another story altogether. I'll post it sometime soon. A little teaser would be this statement. Our son, who has been Superman for the past four years on Halloween decided to change his costume this year. It just happened to be the day after the Big Shooter and I were having the "are you sure he will have enough testosterone to get him successfully through puberty" question/discussion because of the whole testicle amputation thing at his birth. #1 chose that particular moment to adamantly inform me he was going to be the Nutcracker Prince for Halloween... I thought his dad was going to pass out on the spot. But the pictures I have for scrapbooking are adorable.

Someone familiar with Peanuts please answer this dilemma once and for all in our household please. On CS is completely convinced this decorated ornament is exactly like one on Chuck's tree. If any one has the answer/verification to this very pressing question, peace may reign again in our home. Thank you from the Head Supervisor of Homeland Security.

Merry Christmas!

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