December 7, 2007

"Give me back my puke!"

As a momma you know we hear all kinds of crazy things. "Where do worms live in the winter? Weren't you born by then (1884)? What's an ash-hole? (She was talking about a volcano lesson...!) and my most recent fave, If you're fat do you bounce better?" But this, this I was not in the least prepared to hear from the other room. I mean, come on, who wants their puke back? "Well, a VERY agitated nine year old who spends a fair amount of time contemplating the body's functions and wonders. I have been told over and over this is normal...? Anyway, he was very annoyed because the BDP(Brain Dead Pug) had ruined his prank and was now running amuck with the evidence. The same evidence I've fallen for at least once a week for the past three years. Yes. That'd be the one. Puke gag #152. It's success fell through this week. It didn't fetch screams and shrieks (from me) and in turn gales of belly-shakin' laughter from the Crumb Snatchers. Dadgumit BDP. Why, oh why'd you have to go and ruin all their fun...? (said with as much sincerity as I can muster...muster? does anyone still say that?)

Maybe if I hold you and you hold him...he might let go of the puke.

"gggiivvve me baaacck my pppuuuuke..."


Finally! ...and intact none the less!

I can't decide if it would have been any more or less traumatic for any of us if it had been the fake poo?

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