December 8, 2008

Party is Over!!

Straight shooter and the Crumb Snatchers are on their across Colorado and Kansas. Crumbs keep getting the truckers to honk. My personal opinion is that horns are for emergency purposes only, so don't get me started.

So to all the blogging minions out in blog land, SS will be back online soon, and my days of freedom and nakedness are at a sad end. Let us observe a moment of silence at the passing.


faroutmom said...

Honk!!!! Honk, honk!!!!!!!

Not an emergency...just wanted to annoy you BS.

Now, put your pants on.

ShEiLa said...

it will be a sad day when you have to put the clothes back on... sorry.

ps. can't wait til SS gets home!

Flea said...

Dude, so long as you're not out on 169 or 244, naked, having truckers honk at you, it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Relief!!! I was going into major withdrawals. BS, who do you think you are kidding, your "wardrobe" doesn't change upon fam arrival. Soul Sis