December 12, 2008

It was like pushing the Rewind button...

Each time I took the camera out of it's case one of the Crumbs would comment, "Did ya see some thing else that reminds ya of when you were our age that ya need to blog about?"
Apparently, we drove them nuts with our eager beaver sharing of childhood stories...little twits.
I mean who wouldn't want to take a picture of one of the many tumble weeds traveling on it's way across the state???
Or our old swimming hole?
Big Shooter's comment was, "Did they re-do it out here? I remember that dock being a whole lot further out than that..."
It's amazing finding out how small our enormous childhoods really were.

They didn't say a word about me taking their pictures. Just struck a pose.

I didn't think to get a picture of my Aunt Kathy's pancakes. She's made them for Big Shooter and I now for 20+ years when we travel through Wyoming. They are the Best on the Planet. I have only tasted one other person's who come close. It was a little dive in a not so good part of Plainsville. One day they were open, the next day they were arrested for selling drugs out the back door. No, I am not kidding. No more pancakes unless we happen to be in Cheyenne. My sweet auntie is in charge of the dispatch office for the Cheyenne sheriff's department. I drove with her from Denver to Cheyenne and heard her in action. We encountered a situation that was getting more dangerous by the second so she immediately called 911 and reported, "Yes Ma'am, I've got a 120 involving a tractor trailer license number yada, yada, yada on Colorado I-80 northbound, mile marker 23 at 75 mph, please advise CHP units in the location." Thank goodness she was in the car or here would have been mine, "...uh yeah, there's a really big truck weaving in front of me that doesn't have any lights..."
I wish I'd thought ahead and taken a pic of those golden circles...but in there place I can share a picture of her son. I posted this pic just to get his goad. We're kissin' cousins. Our names rhyme. He just earned his doctorate. I still call him Butthead. That's his little Southern Belle-soon-to-be-wife. I love her. I want to marry her.
Also, since I didn't get pics of the pancakes I get to sneak in others that kinda, sorta have to do with my sweet auntie. This is her newest grandbaby.
My cute as a button girl cousin was big preg-GO when we went through Denver the first time. The day we left she had this little beauty. So the Crumbs and I got to snuggle with her on our way home.
Girl Child was in Hog Heaven.
I kid you not, I about fell over when Boy Child asked to hold her.
It was 10 seconds longer than he's ever held a baby before.

Showing the Crumbs the Canyon was a highlight for both of us to revel and enjoy. We both have incredibly fond memories of the canyon as children and then dating.

Have I ever mentioned I floated in a hot air balloon in this canyon? I believe that is why I am now afraid of falling from great heights.

Y'all already heard about The Rock.
Does Boy Child look like Calvin to you? He does to me...even in his sister's purple striped hat with the flower.
What other things set off the Childhood memories?
Grandma's cookin' and playing games with her.
When Thanksgiving dinner was over she said in my ear, "You ready to play games girl? They are on the front passenger side floor board of my truck..."
She's 86.
She'd come prepared and ready to whip some tail.

The first we played is called Probe. It's been played in our family since the
early 60's. That was a blast from the past!
And the one we had been dying to do?
Eat at this hamburger joint.
They began in Twin Falls.
Now they are all over the surrounding areas.
We stopped at the first one we saw...
mmmm, they put a white sauce on their burgers instead of ketchup.
The Best on the Planet.
What do you look forward to when you visit your hometown?
What floats your boat?
What's your favorite blast from the past?
Do you ever wish you really could hit the rewind button?
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I do wish I could hit the rewind button again and again. There are so many times I'd love to re-live with you. Skiing, Chicago, Sun Valley, cookin' with your momma, havin' FIL save my butt a hundred times, seeing you walk in the Hallmark to chat, all those long drives across the states, walking the big dogs, snuggling in stormy weather, making Crumbs (wish I could remember Girl Child), watching our babies sleep...the list goes on and on. Thank you for always adding to it.
I need an air sick bag now...that got way too gag-a-rama for me...cough.


Rudy said...

The pictures are great, absolutely beautiful country out there. So happy you all had such a grand time. Baby cousin is adorable.

Flea said...

You have so many happy memories. It's a great thing to share them with the Crumbs. :)

Anonymous said...

We have that Probe game...well, it's at the haunted house...we will have to play somethime. Keep the pictures coming. I love them. Are you planning a trip to SDC? We are going 12/22. Soul Sis

Anonymous said...

You've got lots of great memories. Thanks for sharing a few with us.

ShEiLa said...

It would be alot more fun to be in a time machine... if I had a rewind button I would also want a fast forward... because there are somethings I would not want to re-live.

Isn't it great that no matter how old ya get you still can remember the good times when you were a child. Love it! Happy good times.


Erin Ward said...

What a sweet post. How fun to think of all those great memories.

Donnetta said...

What a cool blog. Just found you by accident. Another Okie, D

FIL said...

WE don't take to you Okies coming to our town and messing with our rocks. Not only did you paint one, I see that loaded your rig with our lava rocks to haul back home. (Illegal as hell) Guess that makes 101 times I have covered your butt.

Love ya anyway
P.S. This a good homeschool lesson for the crumbs????

Kirsetin Morello said...

This cracked me up!! And that sweet is she? What a fun post.

Goob said...

Anytime I hear Social Distortion on the radio I think of the great times my brothers and I had with our dad heading a few minutes up the coast and out of town to have an early morning surf. Dad would play that dang tape until us kids couldn't stand it anymore. Those songs bring a smile to my face now though.

Goob said...

oh, did I mention I'm alot closer to 40 than I am 20 and my dad was born like a full decade too early? Who's dad listened to that?