December 15, 2008

Any one send?

We sent out our letters on Saturday. We are hoping our soldier will receive them before Christmas so he knows we are thinking of him.
I am posting Girl and Boy Child's letters in their original spelling and entirety.
Dear Soldier,
Thank you for fighting so hard for our contry! We all realy aprishyate it. And everyone in are family hopes that you come home safely and we are all jeering you on as best we can in our prayers. We all can't wait to here from you. Keep up the good work out there and never give up. May the lord be with you.
Girl Child
Is there eny thing you need from home?
Okay, so she is a 3rd grader and he's a 4th grader. Don't judge. She loves writing, english and he...doesn't.
Dear Soldier,
Thanks for fiting for Americas freedom. We all are thankfol of it! We are all praying for you. I hope you get home safly and quickly. You are a hero to us.
I'm a ten year old boy who likes videogames and star Wars and Legos. I got a wii (and yes that is how it is spelled.) from my grandparents and I all ready have a new game.
If thir is any thin you want just rite right back and we will hurry it to you.
Sinsirly Boy Child
Thanks for fiting!!
Big Shooter wrote one too. He asked me not to publish it. He said it was just for the young man it was intended for. It made me cry.
If you or your family wrote one or are writing one, I'd be so humbled if you'd share your favorite line in the comments.
Have a fabulous Monday!
Love Note to My Big Shooter: We are so very lucky to call you Daddy and Hubby...


Erin Ward said...

How sweet. Those will mean so much to them.

ShEiLa said...

You know...
I totally missed out on this experience. Wrapped up in my own life and taking our military men and women for granted. Just because I don't believe that they should have been there in the first place doesn't mean I can forget what they are sacrificing while they are away from their homes and families.

I just watched the movie Grace Is Gone... if you haven't seen it... buy it, rent it, watch it. It made me think and ponder on those lost in the valiant battle for freedom.

Small Shooters: Thank you for sharing your letters with us... they are truly inspirational.


Anonymous said...

That's very nice. We sent a letter too. I'm sure they appreciate it. Your kids letters are priceless.