December 18, 2008

Bah Hum Bug Anyone?

First, it was Girl Child who wondered about the lack of Christmas lights on our street. Then it was Boy who commented on our own house lacking any real Holiday Cheer. Now tonight, it was Big Shooter who made mention of the slim pickins' in the way of Christmas cards we've received this year. At first I just pooh poohed it as people seem to have been caught off guard by Christmas this year. Me included in that by the way. (Please keep that in mind Mom and Dad as you sit and wait for the UPS guy...)
But then as we were out tonight running some errands that couldn't be put off any longer, I began really looking around. Houses that have had their decorations up and flashing for the past 20+ years on Black Friday are bare this time around. The downtown building that usually leaves certain office lights on on each floor to form a skyscraper sized Christmas tree on the facade is dark. The extra merchandise the stores stocked their shelves with seem to still be overstocked. I, myself, have been trying to come up with a believable excuse to not do our annual New Year's letter.
What is it?
The obvious reason is the economy.
But could it be something else?
Are people finally getting tired of seeing Christmas in July? Or being made to feel guilty if they didn't buy everyone they know and their dogs a gift? Or grown just plain weary of the whole dang thing??
We've all cut back, out, down and around this year. But I, personally, feel it is more than that. I think as we have had to give up, we are giving in to so much more.
We,the Shooter family, are spending more at the grocery store. But that is because we are spending less time on the road running between here and yonder while grabbing a quick bite out. Which means we are spending more time around the dinner table conversing and less in the car on the cell... We're finding all this extra time in the evenings for "just hangin' out with Daddy" or takin' a quick walk around the block and over the highway in "the cool caged bridge". (What can I say? We live in the bad part of town...)
One of the errands tonight was The Santa Visit. As I listened to my most precious gifts telling St. Nick what they'd like I had another epiphany. Their views were changing too. Boy Child asked for a Monopoly game and a bike. Girl Child asked for a bow with arrows and also a bike. These choices screamed out two words to me: Family Time.
If having a national Bah Hum Bug crisis is what it takes for us all to start treasuring each other again...then I'm all for it!
So, "Bah Hum Bug to each and everyone of you! I love ya!"

Love Note to my Big Shooter: 12???? 12 Glorious years! ...ain't bad outta 17, huh? Happy Anniversary, Love of my Life.


ShEiLa said...

I am so for the bah hum bug if it means family time.

That is all I really want every Christmas is to spend time with family... they think I am joking... not! Presents are nice but if you have family you really have everything you need.


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary!

And hooray for family time!

Anonymous said...

Congratualtions on number 17!
One of the most memorable moments of my life...getting drunk after the wedding ceremony.
But it all turned out far.

Rudy said...

It hasn't felt like the most merriest of holidays and I haven't been able to put my finger on it. My son only asked for 2 items this year also, a basketball hoop/stand and an animusic 2 dvd. Family time is grand.
Happy Anniversary you two love birds!

Flea said...

Bah humbug! Ours has also been a little more sparse than usual in some ways. But I'm making handmade gifts this year. Decorating more than usual. Just feeling the need to be holiday-ish this year.

Goob said...

i love love love this post! I couldnt' wait to get back to it this afternoon and really read it. Bah Humbug in all the best ways to you too!
And as for voting on my story, go to the link and in her upper-right hand-corner, there is a little poll. It would appear that even though she said ballot stuffing is fine, the pollster recognizes IP addresses an will only allow 1 vote per IP address. Thanks for voting! ( and really, Merry Christmas Friend.)

Anonymous said...

I too am all for the Bah Hum Bug.
You should start a movement.

ShEiLa said...

Tag you're it!
Lucky 7 tag @ []


Jenni said...

I've noticed the same thing in my own neck of the woods. I think your kids' wish lists are just so sweet and untainted by the message of the world (MORE MORE WE NEED MORE).

I nominated you for an award, darlin'. come and get it, as they say...