December 4, 2008

Great, I think we rubbed off...

When asked what they'd like to do today after Girly Time (manicures with Grammie) and more lessons taught by the Great Grannies, the Crumbs answered with a resounding "Walk the canyon edge to see where Evel Kneivel died!!".

Okie Dokie.
One humongo dirt ramp coming up...minus a dead guy. (He didn't die on his attempt to jump the canyon.)
This was the best picture I could manage at this time of day for your viewing pleasure.
Mr. Kneivil's ramp is the light brown hump on the canyon rim in the center of the picture. The teeny weeny white speck in front of it is a HUGE house.
I don't think as a child (or teenager) growing up here, I ever fully realized how big that pile of dirt really was.
This is a picture of the viewing platform that sticks out over the rim.
It is really just posted here to irritate the Crumbs.
If they have heard, "Grampa Lyle (FIL) built that," one time, then they've heard it a 100.
He is a well known and extremely talented metal fabricator here in the Magic Valley.
And we have enjoyed pointing out his handiwork again and again.

This is the view off the platform.

This is the Crumbs getting too close to the rim before I pointed out the platform.
Obviously I wasn't scared enough to put the camera down first.
I'm an awesome mother. (cough)

Here's the proof I deserve the Mother of the Year award.
Boy Child has heard us discuss the fact people are no longer allowed to carry off the lava rocks that are abundant here in the Magic Valley without penalty...
apparently, since his parents involved him in the windmill experience, we taught him some bad habits.
That is him being sneaky and covert with a large piece of illegal lava.

The end of a long day.

Just a gratuitous picture b/c being here makes me miss Big Shooter and my dating years. Have I ever told you our first date was skiing? On this mountain no less. Sigh.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Oh the memories! Every where I look I think of you. Some make me smile. Some make me giggle. Some bring tears. Some make me blush. Miss you.


Flea said...

Gorgeous photos, SS!

Gordostyle said...

No matter what... you'll always get the Mother-of-the-Year award! You're an AWESOME teacher to your kiddo's!


ShEiLa said...

The crumbs are sure seeing great things. You do deserve Mother of the Year... you have my vote.

I heard a story about a man from New York that came out west to see the Grand Canyon. He met a man that lived within an hour or so of the Canyon however he had never been to see it.

The man from New York said 'How can this be? The man from Arizona said, I have seen the Statue of Liberty. The man from New York hung his head and said... I haven't.

Why is it that the views in someone else's backyard seem oh so much more interesting?


Rudy said...

Gee, think I want to tag along on your next trip. You guys see such facsinating things.