December 1, 2008

Dearest Protector of my family and freedom,

I am writing to you with a heart full of gratitude and admiration for the job you do each and every day. I appreciate the sacrifice you endure in order to provide my family freedom and security. Because of what you do, because of what you risk, I and my children are able to enjoy freedoms only dreamed of by citizens of other countries.
As you go about your day please know you are not forgotten in a strange and foreign land, many think of you, many pray for you. I picture you in my mind preparing yourself for each new day’s duty: strapping on extra pounds of gear, wondering about your assignment, hoping you’ll be safe. Please know this is the prayer I pray each night with my young children over you and your brave brothers and sisters.

“Loving and caring Father, We know you are All Mighty, All Powerful. You have the ability to command the wind, the seas and the mood of nations – yet You so often show Your love for the most simple things, the individual, small cares of your faithful servants. We ask of that today. We humbly ask any prayer whispered by our heroes be answered in the blink of an eye. Please send Your most fierce angels to surround them with their wings, spread as if they were impenetrable shields. Please send your Holy Spirit to them before they ask Lord. Let them feel the love You have for them not only in their times of need, but in their every waking hour. Watch over them and guide them in their every step Lord. Fill their hearts and minds with a peace that surpasses all understanding.
We pray these things in Your precious Son’s name, Amen.”

Thank you does not seem sufficient, but it is all we can offer. Please know it is offered with a grateful heart. "Thank you for your service. Thank you for representing our country. You make us proud."
May God watch over you,
Straight Shooter

Does anyone else feel this way?

If so, I have a most heartfelt request.

You see my heart has been heavy with gratitude and swollen with admiration for these brave souls for months now. Almost to the point of tears every time I think of them.

I did a little research (Read: called our niece who has served two tours in Iraq and several friends whose children or grandkids have served in Iraq and/or overseas also) to find out what they need from us the most. (by us I mean the American people)

What could we possibly provide for them to cling to when the loneliness comes creeping in? What would buoy their spirits when the demons of war come near?

The answer was the same with each one.

They loved "gettin' stuff from home", but letters, hand written letters, now those took the top prize every time.

They treasure each one. They keep them close to their hearts. Literally. They take them out and read them again and again. They are the one thing they make sure they have in their gear when they pack to come home.

In searching for a way to find addresses and names, I found this website.

It provides addresses to a "contact soldier" who will in turn hand over your letters/packages to soldiers who are not receiving regular mail from the States come Mail Call time. My heart broke at the thought of some of our Bravest not receiving any correspondence, any thanks, any love from home. So our family, each member, has written a heartfelt letter to an unnamed serviceman.

If you choose to do this little project, here's how easy it is:

  1. Click here to visit

  2. Browse their site to familiarize yourself a tad. (be sure to read these 4 areas ~ history, how to send, where to send, and what to send)
  3. Pick your contact soldier/group.

  4. Sit down as a family and pour out your thanks in writing.

  5. Cry when you read what your family members reveal about themselves in their letters.

  6. Tie them with ribbon and put them in an envelope.

  7. Slap a stamp or two on it. (You will only be paying for postage to either San Fransisco or New York.)

  8. Visit the P.O. (If you choose to add a few little extras you can always use the $11 Flat Rate Priority Mail envelope.)

  9. Give it a quick kiss and send it on it's way.

  10. Go home and pray two things ~ For the servicemen you chose & that you don't become too addicted to

It says the mail usually reaches them within 10 -14 days. I am going to set December 14th as the day you can all come back and share your letter writing experience with the Shooter family.

I so hope you all consider joining us in this simple, sincere, and straightforward way to show the protectors and providers of our freedom your gratitude.

If you do, I had this little button made so you could proudly display it on your own blogs to spread the word. (Until I can get my sweet designer friend Shauna to help me put the code on my sidebar, please link it back to this post, instead of my home page. Thanks y'all.)

Love Note to my Big Shooter: You were right. I was wrong. You're the King.


Anonymous said...

We are ON with this family project. Soul Sis
(Isn't it dangerous to have your love note in black and white...?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the prayers for my son. He has served in the U.S Army for 23 years and 20 or those in Special Forces. He has faced many dangers and God has protected him through them. He is now stationed in Germany, just coming back from 16 months in Afghanistan. We are so blessed being able to call this young man our son. My son knows that many people are praying for them and they do appreciate it and need it.