December 10, 2008

19 Random Facts in 10 Minutes

While driving the big Gas Hog some where between Wakeeny and Colby, Kansas I had this great idea to write down a bunch of facts to post about. Here's what I came up with in 10 minutes:

  1. According to Girl Child, McDonald's has really thought their dips through because Sweet & Sour seals are much easier to remove than Ranch seals.

  2. The Dairy Queen in Wakeeny, KS does not make chocolate ice cream on Mondays...and they could care less whether you drove 7 miles off the interstate and promised your Crumbs they could have a "Cherry Dipped-In" or not.

  3. In Kansas, farm cats = road kill.

  4. Not all Wal*Marts are created equal.

  5. Surprisingly, a bbq joint named Frisky Brisket didn't stay in business in Russell, KS.

  6. We have red dirt roads in rural OK. There is a 20 mile stretch in the middle of KS that has pure white rural dirt roads. If anyone knows why, the Crumbs and I are dying to know. They look like brilliant white chalk.

  7. Wyoming is as bold, wild and rustic a frontier as it's always been...and I hope it is never tamed.

  8. It is amazing to me that people driving a car that could fit in the Gas Hog's back storage area feel free to cut me off going 79 mph after I've been driving alone with an 8 and 10 yr. old for 19 hours...&$%^@*!!

  9. I'd move to Denver tomorrow if Big Shooter could tolerate sudden change.

  10. Kansas landscape does not grow on you.

  11. If it seems I am picking on Kansas, I am. (Sorry Sashi.)

  12. I do not like being away from Big Shooter. At all.

  13. The smell of a fish hatchery reminded me of trips to the coast with my mom and grandparents.

  14. They bale corn in round bales in Kansas. Made me wonder what else they bale.

  15. Time in a moving vehicle goes rather quickly with family chit chatting. Really.

  16. Seeing Idaho tags for the first time was as exciting as seeing Oklahoma tags coming back!

  17. Truckers who oblige an 8 yr. old Crumb pumping her arm up and down like crazy with a long, loud honk are angels in my book.

  18. God's creativity is splendid.

  19. Writing in my little blog book at 79 mph is extremely s-t-u-p-i-d.

And now a few random photos for my random facts...

Enjoying a sunrise in Wyoming.

Hiding from Momma, pretending to be camera shy.

I'd forgotten about the snowdrift fences all along the interstates in Wyoming. I remember being fascinated by them as a child. Could snow really drift that high?

The answer: Oh yes, it can. And does.

The reason I put random photos in for this random post was so I could alleviate some of the pain you all are going to inevitably face reading about our trip in the next few days. I figure the more pix I can squeeze in now, the less for later. I apologize in advance.

Big Shooter and I took the Crumbs up to the area we kinda had our honeymoon. That is another post for another time. It involves me staying in a B&B by myself, pneumonia, an ambulance ride and a tiger-striped painted who-ha. (Yes, you read that correctly. Who-ha.)

Maybe if you click on this pic to enlarge it you'll be able to make out Big Shooter and the Crumbs hiking down the hill. They are directly in the middle of the picture, Girl is wearing pink. They had a blast being where Momma & Daddy had many a date...sigh.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I love you so. I am glad to be home with you again. Just thinking about you makes my heart skip a beat and my toes curl.


The Glamorous Life said...

Please let girl child know that we are very good friend with the family who owns the big big company that makes all of McDonald's sauces. ALL OF THEM. She told me 'the seals are identical. However given the added acidity in the Sweet and Sour it breaks down quicker and then is easier to remove'....

I once told this friend just how much I loved the sweet and sour sauce and she sent me 3 gallons of it. Yeah I got over that real quick!


Flea said...

So long as thoughts of BS don't make your toes skip a beat and your heart curl. :)

Anonymous said...

We are glad you're back. Great post. I like the randomness.


Gordostyle said...

Welcome home! Glad you arrived safely!


However... just for fun... we might need an occasional entry from B.S. He cracks me up ALMOST as much as you do. :o)

clan of the cave hair said...

I've been having a vicarious vacation through you the past few days. you guys had so much fun!

Sit A Spell said...

What an intersting post! I lived in the Denver area for 10 yrs and LOVED it! Hated driving across Kansas, it's sooo flat, to get down south. I'm way up north shivering to death these days.
I noticed you have Sara Groves on your play list...just love her...she's a neat gal.

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

I sure love [girl child's] hair cut. I also love reading all of your randomness about long car trips. I am glad you all got to go and visit your stomping grounds.