December 3, 2008

Felonist or Teacher?

Weather in Idaho is much like it is in Oklahoma - Fickle.
When it comes to plans, here's another word you'd better be familiar with - Flexible.
It was cold, windy, and not fish hatchery/fossil bed field trip conducive yesterday.
So we were flexible.
It was not difficult.
Because that just meant more time granted to us to with the Great Grannies.
One just needed some much needed lovin' on. And the other gave Girl Child an in depth sewing lesson. Move over Martha, I think there may be a new girl comin' to town.
We moved yesterday's plans to Thursday. In the meantime, I thought we'd share our spontaneous learning experience (unplanned homeschool activity a.k.a. trespassing violation that got counted as a school field trip) on our way across Wyoming last week.
We loved spotting these on the horizon. In state after state.
They were mesmerizing. Beautiful.
But, we were never close enough for good pix.
Until Evanston, Wyoming...
What do you do when you find an unmanned road leading right up to the base of these babies?
Why you take the time to park in just the right angle and place your most precious cargo on TOP of the truck...
so they can enjoy the experience too.
Then you sneak as close as you dare to the base so you can get an up close shot of the door. (It's barely visible on the right side.)
Then you run back to the truck. Proceed down the highway. All the while pretending you really didn't see the white warning sign on the fence...
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Since you've returned to Plainsville and left me and Crumbs to our own devises, I haven't had even one teensy weensy little thought or idea of criminal activity...I miss you.


♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

We love seeing the miles & miles of these on the way to visit Uncle Tony in California. As you go over the pass at Tehachapi. It is an amazing site to see. Go here: []
too cool, huh?

Pat said...

I'm always seeing parts of these monsterous things going down the highway. We also saw a large wind farm in CA, on our way to Palm Springs.

Flea said...

Ahhh. So it's BS who gets y'all into trouble, huh? I see. I hear those wind farms are awfully noisy. Are they?

clan of the cave hair said...

My dad is one of those guys that "stay out" signs don't apply too. ( at least in his mind) and when I was a child I was absolutely terrified that we were all going to jail after we were prosecuted for tresspassing, time after time after time. I am so surprised your kids played along, I would have been in the back seat of the car crying my eyes out begging you to please get back in the car and leave. LOL

Heather said...

They are magnificent!
And, I believe, we saw some of the "blades" on the interstate today! B/c whatever they were, they were MONSTROUS!

Heather said...

Oops! That's what I get for not proofing and all in caps to boot!
Monsterous is what they are! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I've never seen a windmill like that up close and in person...very cool.