February 5, 2009

Y'all I'm worn out from my 3 minutes of Pleather Time...

I'll post tomorrow.
(wink. wink.)


clan of the cave hair said...

ya think pleather gets ya goin? How's 'bout an hour of beating each other up at Karate?....wooooweeee gotta find a way to say "I didn't mean to hurt you" and all. Ya know?


clan of the cave hair said...

oh yeah, have you seen the youtube video of the comedians with guitars who sing "Its business time" if not, you must go find it, right now.
"2 minutes in heaven is bettter than...no minutes in heaven" lol

clan of the cave hair said...
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♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

You don't have to pretend for us... your loyal readers. We know things got wild and crazy. ;)

You will have to give us the 'other' details. You know the whining and dining... before the lights 'didn't' go out cause you are frightened of the dark.


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

How did I know you two would be ones to comment? Hmmmm.
There are a few others I know will be leaving some spicy words as well...
I'll go watch the youtube now Mrs. Hair.
And Sheila? You are one witty girl. I SL! (snorted LOUD)
Y'all have a great day now.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

So I went over and watched the video Mrs. Hair!!
So much so, I thought I'd come back and leave the link.
I think you'll have to copy and paste.
It's so worth it.