February 13, 2009

Click, click, click...

There were many Okies who wished they could click their heels and be transported elsewhere a few days ago...
This is the screen all Oklahomans dread to see on their TVs.
Cause this is what's coming.

This is what it does.

This is what falls from the sky.

And this is the destruction it delivers.

Those are metal trusses.

Imagine your neighborhood here the day before...

Even though the funnels did not come into Plainsville County, our hearts and prayers go out to our dear neighbors so close by. To witness the physical, emotional and financial devastation these storms cause is heart wrenching.
Please keep them in your thoughts this weekend.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for always looking out for our well being, being so protective and concerned. Even when we're not in immediate danger. Or any danger for that matter. We love you.
Question of the day: What is the most poisonous fish? and What is an eagle's nest called?
A stonefish and an aerie


Queen B said...

That is absolutely horrible. Definitely praying for those families.

And I nailed Stonefish. My daughter just studied that in science this week!

♥ Somebody Loved ♥ said...

These photos of devastation put fear right in me.

Out west we do not have tornados like you do in Oklahoma... I can't imagine what my dreams [nightmares] would be all about if I lived there.

I dream about flooding here. The desert can't handle large amounts of rain all at once... thus the flash flood. I live in a 100 year flood plane... lived here 20 years and have had water running in my front yard... scary.

Natural disasters can be so devastating.


Dawn said...

Tornados are just so devestating.

I'm glad you all were safe. :)