February 6, 2009

I lost my fair and balanced card.

I, shockingly, get accused of being far, faaaar right. A brain-less, evangelical follower. My most fave assumption/opinion, and of course completely unbiased, accusation is being a most fair and balanced...um, indoctrinated citizen?
I would totally agree with all those educated, unbiased and completely open minded opinions except for one thing ~ apparently my Fair and Balanced card expired.
I haven't turned on the fair and balanced in months.
I didn't ever notice before, during my crazy indoctrination days, how much make-up these people wear.
I didn't recognize any young, roving reporters.
But what did it for me is, "Where the heck is Allen?????"
Someone fill me in.
Is he gone? Is it really just the Sean Show w/out any checks and balances?
Did he defect to a less fair and balanced show?
Does anyone miss him besides me?
These are the questions that kept me up last night.


Goob said...

who cares where the wimpy little intellectual went...i just wish his once upon a time TV cohort would dissapper too!
I hate political television...if people would get up off their asses and do something other than point fingers and talk about who (other than themselves) should do something about "it" I might like them better.
wow! how's THAT for opinionated?

Flea said...

I don't have cable or watch Fox. Sorry. And I'm not exactly fair and balanced myself.

Taking a sabbatical from the blog. I made it halfway through your list of 40 and was interrupted. Will get back to it. Really.

Still want to get together sometime IRL.

6 Happy Hearts said...

I have not forgotten about you sister! I am soo w/ya! My family calls me the right wing evangelical ; )
My daddy thinks FOX News is not news at all, but a right wing conspiracy against Democrats?! Oh & did you know that you can't be educated & evangelical at the same time?! Me either!!!

ShEiLa said...

My hubby says;
it was always just Hannity...
plus a 'liberal puching bag'
and that can be anybody. Ü

I think it is always better to have two takes on everything. Like two points of view.

Commenting from Logan, UT this morning... friend.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Unfortunately, it is just the "Sean Show" now. As a staunch conservative, I can't STAND Sean Hannity. Could he be more full of himself... not to mention argumentative and rude to his guests. And I agree w/ Clan, Alan was wimpy, but I do miss him. I wish FOX would replace Hannity w/ Glenn Beck. He's a great host and I love his sophisticated vocabulary (crap, hell, piss, etc..) Better yet, give the time slot to Neil Bortz. There's a Libertarian after my own heart. :)


WomanHonorThyself said...

ah just follow your morals and heart girl! great to see u again!

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