May 1, 2009

Dear Big Shooter, Happy Famiversary!

One year ago today we didn't know how long we'd have you.
Our family's future was on quicksand. And our minds were numb with fear.This year has been filled with extreme ups and downs, but not one day has passed that the three of us have not mentioned how grateful we are to still be a family that is whole and complete.
You are what makes us tick.
You are what makes us laugh.
You are what keeps us together.
You are this family.
Today is our family's Thanksgiving and we have been blessed beyond measure.
We want you to realize how precious and dear to our hearts the time you spend with us is.We love you.
Happy Famiversary Sledge!!
(thought I'd just throw in this picture of our little memorial to remind us of the passing of your kidney and the pesky cancer...the whole reason for Famiversary.)


Somebody Loved said...

Straight Shooter...

you iz back!!

thanks for the comment.
My sis granted my wish...
and if you click my site...and follow the post can see a photo of new little Reagan.

I am a happy auntie.


Somebody Loved said...

congrats on the [famiversary] BIG shooter. It is good to be able to be a cancer survivor.

My BIL cancer free after kidney cancer 5 years.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Happy Famiversary! I hope that today makes up for the horror of last year.

I know you will always be grateful and filled with the pleasure of living life. Enjoy today for ALL that it is.


6HappyHearts said...

Great post! Great pics!
Happy Happy Day!

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Love the monument. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful to be on this side of "famiversary". Goal for this year: to make it even better!
Soul Sis

Pat said...

Happy Famiversary Shooter family! Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Happy Famiversary!