May 5, 2009

I embrace my illiteracy

When it comes to computers I have two choices:

  • Freak out
  • or...embrace my ignorance.

Usually, unless it's JBF, I embrace the illiteracy and wait for The Savior of My Computer World (a.k.a. Big Shooter, Sledge, Love of my Life, etc.) to rescue me.

Like today.

Today, I would really, really like to post the video of Girl Child and myself being propelled into space. However, my ignorance about getting this DVR thing (or CDr thing, movie thing, what ever thing...see what I mean) copied to my computer so I can upload it to youtube is not happenin' without serious intervention.

Do y'all have things that make your smooth running lives come to a screeching halt like the check writer in the credit card commercial? Something that causes you to count to 10? Or makes you have to remind yourself to breathe?

Mine would be certain computer tasks. And knitting.

And cooking.

And cleaning.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: O, brave and gallant knight, I await thee to slay thy Blue Dragon. Thou will show pleasure and thankfulness in any way thee wishes...


Somebody Loved said...

You are so very cute.

I cannot wait for my hero... for he is more illiterate than I. So usually I try to figure it out on my own. I learn lessons the hard way.... I have erased valuable memories with a click of my mouse.

I admire your patience to wait til the dragon slayer arrives.


Soliloquy said...



Staying on a budget.

(Geez, if I weren't so good in "other ways" wink, wink, I'd be out on the street.)

FerLee said...

There are definitely some computer things that grind me to a complete halt until my slayer comes home. He is the MAN when it comes to technical stuff. I kind of wish I could say the same for myself for any subject...I guess cake decorating...he'd have to wait for me for that one...but how often does that really come up. Oh, wait, for me...everyday!!!