May 21, 2009

Crumb Snatcher Speak & a Sashi Saying

  • As we passed a hospital that specializes in brain trauma and mental issues, I said, "Mommy used to work at that mental hospital before you were born." Girl Child immediately corrected me with, "Didn't you mean to say lived there...not worked there?"
  • While eating in a local yocal diner in small-town America (Pawhuska, OK) Girl Child observed just how busy it was during the lunch hour. "I mean, wow Mommy...people really do live in this town."

  • "I am so not looking forward to my teenage years, " Boy Child solemnly announced yesterday. "Why? What's going to happen during your teenage years that will be so bad?" I asked. "You know, Mom. Braces and pimples...and braces and pimples are just life's way of saying it bites to be old. Like you Mom." Long pause. Then, "No offense Mom."

  • I was trying to explain the concept of a wedding reception to Boy Child and his fellow 10 yo friend when Boy's light turned on and he proudly reported, "Oh yeah! I know what a wedding reception is Mommy! It's where I'll learn to spin on my back on the dance floor."

  • My fave of the whole post was uttered so seriously and matter-of-factly by Saucy Sashi to one of her offspring in the van one day, I almost missed it..."If you don't stop chewing on your toenails, you won't get any ice cream."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Wow! I realized as I was typing this post, either you haven't given me your typical blog fodder lately or I haven't been documenting them for posterity's sake (read blog's sake please). I am falling down on the job and haven't even had a good stiff drink to blame it on. I shall be Johnny-on-the-Spot from now on so watch what you say and do Buddy Boy!


Flea said...

LOL! These are wonderful.

My Oatmeal Head and I had a long conversation about circumcision earlier this week. Seems he had some pretty serious misconceptions about it. Hilarious conversation, but I did my best not to laugh. Teen boy talking about his "thing" doesn't like to be laughed at.

ShEiLa said...

Well this has been more than frustrating... I got on the computer this morning. Every time I tried to comment on your blog or Susie's it shut me right down every time.

I can comment.

I thought you lived there too. ;)
Didn't you? :)

I'm with Sashi...
no ice cream for toe-nail biters.


Unknown said...

Those are great :) you post them for friday fragments at Mrs.4444's place. sorry no link for you..

Trisha said...

Don't you love the things you get to say to your kids? One of my tops so far is "Quit licking the window". The other's will have to wait until we've been properly introduced.

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