May 6, 2009

...and then she hung up on me.

I ordered a little some thing for Big Shooter on April 6th.

It left Sacramento on April 9th to begin it's little journey to him.

It arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota 4 days later.

It went straight past us on it's way to Dallas on April 17th.

After a brief stay in the Big D it traveled to Northeast OK. (I know this as a fact, cause I was following it the whole time on the cool little tracker thingy.)

After another brief stay (in Northeast OK...where we live), it left on it's way to West Virgina.

It arrived in West Virgina... 4 days later... April 26th.

I called FedEx.

The first person was kind and patient. But, clueless.

The second thoughtfully told me my package had arrived safely in West Virgina.

Duh. The problem is I don't live there...I politely explained.

She was unconcerned. And unapologetic.

I was...not. Unconcerned or too thoughtful.

Now I know it is not their fault. I know accidents happen. I know they are trying their best.

But, I really had had all I could take since my package had left Sacramento 15 days prior. Had traveled from the west coast to the north, past us even further south, and then left us...on it's way to the east coast...

So I told her so.

She didn't appreciate my attitude. She told me so.

I told her I didn't appreciate her nonchalant one either.

She didn't appreciate my tone of voice either. She told me so.

I asked her if she was familiar with the geography of the U.S.?

...that's when she hung up on me.

I have this fantastic new software called Bamboo (from a certain group of fabulous friends) where I can draw on pictures. Which I did to show the route of BS's package. It is fun and funny. But, like yesterday's ignorance problem, I cannot get Blogger to upload the saved pic. So you'll just have to imagine lines drawn from the west coast, to the north, to the south, to the east, back to the south and finally to me in OK on this map...

He got his little surprise on May 1.

I tried to call her.

Just to let her know it arrived safely.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Arrrrgh! Now I know how you feel all the live long day! Dealing with rude, unhelpful people. No wonder you get headaches! Come home to Mamacita...I'll make you forget about the idiots of the world. Wink, wink. ...right after you slay the Blue Dragon so I can share the video...since I am a member of the idiots of the world!


Somebody Loved said...

Customer Service...
really is NOT what it implies...
just a paycheck to those who do not care about what they do. If you are in this field of work you should have to earn the title by respecting the customer.

In education it is the same way. You have teachers (just there for the paycheck) and educators (the ones that care about the student).


Kristina P. said...

I refuse to use DHL anymore. Are they still around even? They have the WORST shipping service in the entire world.

Flea said...

Oh the frustration!

J. P. said...

yow! and no Kristina DHL is out of business in the US--Lisa (Clan of the Cave Hair)

Pat said...

I'm surprised she didn't connect you to someone in India!
Never understood why it's called customer service??

kent said...

if she hung up on you call back and ask for a supervisor. Your package is still in limbo... and you would like to get it.

FIL said...

Tell her your going to shoot her in the eye


Anonymous said...

Your package took quite the trip!

It's enough to drive you crazy.

Anonymous said...

Your blogs are Fun-nee!

It was great fun meeting you tonight...

and hearing about Sledge...

let us know if he gives some killer man skills classes...hahahahah!