March 26, 2008

What I've learned from cancer ain't just Diddly Squat

    May I first remind you of the name of my blog...Straight Shooter...

  • People feel the need to tell someone, anyone the news they've been entrusted with.
  • We end up comforting others b/c of Big Shooter's cancer.

  • Hearing the news, being able to share the's kinda like live CNN news broadcasting for some.

  • Big Shooter's exterior is like Teflon. And wet, softened plaster...

  • Every breath you take, every word you utter, every deed you do has a lasting effect on someone.

  • The Love of My Life is never far from my thoughts...even when I think he is.

  • We are never far from his thoughts.

  • We have some of the most loving, caring, generous friends on the planet.
  • God is so merciful.
  • Big Shooter's purpose is yet unfulfilled...per #1's observation.
  • #2 has the faith of a three adults.

  • Doctor's can't help but get personally involved when it comes to a father with young children.

  • There is a test for everything.

  • There are no Time Outs. Life keeps coming at us no matter what.

  • It cannot take our sense of humors away.
  • "It's surely better to die then endure another colonoscopy" - Big Shooter
  • "If you have to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the same day, make sure they wash the instruments between procedures..." - Big Shooter
  • "When scheduling a prostate exam....size does matter." - Big Shooter

  • If it's possible, I have become even more a Mother Hen.

  • There are good days and bad days. I mean, Real Bad Days.

  • I didn't think I could love my Big Shooter any more. I was so wrong. So very, very wrong.

  • I never knew there were so many cancer jokes.

  • I would not have thought them so funny Before.

  • It is true kids are tough, resilient little whipper-snappers...but, wow. I have watched them mature right before my eyes.

  • I hate that last fact.

  • Cancer just flat sucks.

  • There are many ways to kid about his kidneys... kidney pie, kidney beans, kid knees, and just kiddin'. To name a few...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: When you were away at college and I'd cry (which was a lot) your mom would hold my hand and say, "God sees those tears...He is going to multiple them into happiness with him one day." I don't think she had any idea how right she are what makes me happiest.


Flea said...

Yeah, I'm a dolt. Just catching up with your posts since I got home. Kidney pie, huh? You know, He who began a good thing in you both will bring it to perfection. Stop in for coffee sometime, girl!

FerLee said...

You realize the impact you make on others with your attitude toward this? It's quite a testimony. I love laughing with you over this and hate that we have to cry over it sometimes; either with you or for you. But thank you for bearing your heart!!!

wanted: hot mama said...

Well, holy crap. I just caught up on your posts and I'm guessing in the AM is B.S.'s first big hurdle? I'll be sending you all love, prayers and LAUGHS! Just went through melanoma drama with my mama (we now call her Melanoma Mimi!) and that was the best thing we could do - laugh in the face of the big "C." But I know you already know that. So here's to you and yours ... may B.S. kick cancer's ass. =)

faroutmom said...

Good grief...I love you guys. You make me laugh, you make me cry.

On another note...I just had an out-loud laugh because the post above me called Big Shooter spot-on is that?