March 21, 2008

"What happened on Good Friday?"

Since I am a momma pretty much every thought I have goes through my Momma Filter.

So after I explain it's the day Jesus is crucified I immediately think of his momma. What her thoughts about her son were that day? She bore Him knowing he was someone special. If he were to die how would he impact the world? The disbelief he would be taken from this earth must have been overwhelming. She must have gone from extreme pride of his ministry to utter disbelief and horror at witnessing what was happening to her first born son. After the sentence was handed down and she knew what was to come I wonder how she held herself together for the inevitable ending? I wonder what kind of example she was?

Until we reach Heaven we can only wonder...

Do you ever wonder how you would handle it?

I remember holding my helpless, newborn son and thinking of her...I know there is no way I could have endured what she did.

For the past two weeks I have been reading a blog by a momma in New Zealand whose son was born with a neural tube defect. His skull did not develop correctly so his brain grew outside his skull in a fluid filled sac called a cele. His parents were given the option of terminating his life b/c he was not expected to live to term...and absolutely not the birth. His mother knew he was a gift and chose to give her son every chance at life she could. Three hours after his birth he was allowed to go home with the understanding he would expire within hours... He lived 67 days and 7 hours longer than anyone thought possible...

During that time his mother began to blog about her daily activities with him. She put a counter on her sight just two weeks ago and it already registers over 92,000 visitors!

I have thought of her so often the last couple days. She faced much the same circumstances Mary did. To her, he was the most special boy in the whole world. The pride, anticipation and dreams she had for her boy were shattered with horror-filled dread of the impending outcome. The difference between her and Mary's story is: I can tell you what kind of example Susie has been. Unfaltering in her faith. Devoted to the end. Finding the blessings in the midst of terror-filled moments. A perfect example of Christ's love and sacrifice.

And Joshua. He was truly a Gift to the world. He touched more lives in his short time than 99.9% of the human race will ever dream of. He had a divine purpose.

The link below leads to the page where Joshua's momma put together a video for his Celebration Service.

Warning: Get Kleenex before clicking play...

Joshua's Lifesong

Love Note to My Big Shooter: Do you have any concept of how much you give? And never expect?

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FerLee said...

Thank you, my Dear Friend!!! Your blog has started quite a conversation between my son, my two nieces and myself about Good Friday and what it means. Thank you for putting our minds back on track for what this whole weekend means.

Happy Easter