March 20, 2008

Our Niece - The Gunners Mate

That is very cool to be able to say...until I think about what she's doing.
She is, as I type this, in training to be moved to Haditha, Iraq. This is her second tour. The first one sucked. This second one is going to suck even more. I've looked Haditha up...not a good place.

It's the real deal. It a place that sees death, bombings, roadside attacks...regularly. She told her mom the last group that was sent out to this post got forgotten for 3 weeks with no food or water...nice.

She has to go through a few weeks training before she goes. Language, hidden weapons, along these lines. From what I understand, her job will be to search women and children entering Iraq at it's border.
Cowards use women and children to hide behind.
To blow up.
To gain more virgins.
To be gutless.

This is Jess, our niece, our hero.

She's over there for me...for my kids...for you.
Please ask God to surround her with angels everyday.

Love Note to Big Shooter: I decided to put it in both places b/c I can archive it here (that List Girl thing and all) and I can't over on the sidebar...My Granny Grunt & Grandpa Bozo said you were the one. I trusted their wisdom. I am so glad I did...

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Queen B said...

Our prayers definitely go out to your niece and to all the selfless husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who are fighting for our freedom.

Thanks for sharing her service.