March 3, 2008

His Mouth

I have loved this boy's mouth since the second I laid eyes on him. He and his little sister have these perfect pink rosebud lips. The similarities end there though. She uses her whole face to tell me what she's thinkin'. All I have to do with him is look at his mouth.

This means "Mischief is eminent".

"My patience are not running overeth..."

"Heee, Heeee. I can hear her squeal already...more evil heee, heees..."!

Happy concentration.

More evil heee, heees.

Yes! ...I knew she'd squeal and call for her Momma!

Ya'll know Calvin and Hobbes? Well, I live with Calvin. I take one look at that face and know he's up to no good.


Anonymous said...

Don't know about Calvin and or Hobbs? And had never noticed "The G's" freckles, either...all boy!
On the way to a Nuclear heart test this AM...just so they have a base line...humm...

Flea said...

Girl, I hear ya. I have my very own Calvin. :) Isn't it the best?

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

But such a handsome Calvin I must say! It's amazing what a study we make of our children! You know him so well... that's love.