March 10, 2008

Politically Uncorrect Confession

Incorrect?...uncorrect? ...doesn't matter. What ever it is rubs the left wrong.

I came to the conclusion I must be somewhat homophobic. Here is the evidence that convinced me of the fact:

Every single time I refer to my JBF partner Saucy Sashi I always say, "My business partner....blah, blah, blah." Now, when I am making PBJs, throwing in a load of laundry, grading a phonics assignment and talking on the phone all at the same time I might slip and sometimes refer to her as just "my partner". As soon as it leaves my mouth I follow up with some comment about her and her husband or mine or her house being in another town...anything to make it clear she is not my partner-partner, but just my partner...


My point exactly. Who wouldn't be?

Offended? Sue me.

I've had a bad day. I am grouchy. Can you tell? Sorry.

Or sue me.

Love Note to Big Shooter: #3 I love you because you told me I was beautiful today even though I had not one stitch of make-up on (I am not a vain person about make-up mind you. Except lipstick. I never leave the house w/o the lipstick on!), had on my ole momma uniform (denim and... denim) and had barely run a comb through my hair. I am trying to ignore the fact that as soon as "You're beautiful" left your lips, our son quipped, "You are?" and about fell out of his chair with laughter. Nine year old boy humor - you gotta just shake your head...or you may commit offspringicide and end up in jail where you are locked up by the silence...with nothing to do...and have 3 squares cooked by someone else...and that would be bad. Right.....?


Flea said...

Yeah - I think that's just s natural reaction. Terms and their meaning have changed so much over time. It's not just the Left which has taken the English language hostage - there are many terms which have changed, but I still feel like I haven't been able to keep up with. Makes me grouchy.

Speaking of grouchy, what was it about yesterday?? The weather was gorgeous, but I was surly as well. WTH?

faroutmom said...

Interesting...great weather here, too and I was not exactly my sweetest self. Maybe we got used to the yuck and don't know how to deal with the sun. Thank God the Son knows how to deal with us.

Corny statement? Yeah, probably. But true. I was very convicted this AM when thinking about my attitude yesterday. I will try better today.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, Straight Shooter. Keep shootin' straight with us (and inspiring us!)

FerLee said...

I love your confession. How frustrating is it to have to watch all we say. I've had instances lately where I've had to gently and parentally explain to my children about feminine males and masculine females. Awkward!!! But must be done by mom or dad or the world and its views creep in. I refuse to be politically correct whenever possible. Not that I will be rude, but can't turn around without offending someone lately. Like I tell my kids "Just GET OVER IT!!!!"

Ok, I'm not in a cranky mood...really I'm not!!!! Having a perfectly lovely spring day!!!!

Christine said...

"...not that there's anything WRONG with that..."