March 18, 2008

Snippets of Crumb Conversations...

Overheard today...

#2: "I am worried Jack is climbing under the house when we leave him outside..."
#1: "Me too. He could ruin the electricity if he gets under there."
#2: "No. But, he could get rabies..."
#1: "Really?"
#2: "Yeah. But, don't worry he hasn't got them...yet."
#1: "Shooo.(with extreme sigh) That's good."

"Come here you little titwit!" Crumb 2 talking to her big brother...

#1 to #2 right after prayers, "What do you think the little tiny babies who die and go to heaven are doing right now?"
Her answer, "...dancing. And playing with dogs...but, mostly dancing."

My own questions for God: How did I ever deserve these two precious wee ones? Can you please just keep them this age forever...please? How will I bear to let them grow up? How come you designed parenthood to have ecstasy and despair in the same breath?

Love Note to Big Shooter: I love you because after spending over half our lives together, we're still discovering new things about each other. That's cool B.


Unknown said...

I just love hearing what kids say/think! And often wonder how God trusts me so much with these three of my own - wow!

Flea said...

How 'bout Jack could get electrocuted? And I LOVE the babies dancing. :D Your kids are beautiful in every sense of the word. God sure must love mothers to give us children, huh?