March 9, 2008

365 Reasons I love Big Shooter

Every year I record those funny little sayings the Crumb Snatchers utter from their sweet lips. Give detailed accounts of silly ordinary happenings in our house and lives. And generally bore the *#!j% out of friends and family come January (or February...ish) when I send out the annual New Year's Letter.

Recently, I realized how much I focus on the Snatchers.

I decided they pretty much get top billing in our lives all the time...

Well, today I am introducing a new addition to my daily posts.

It's Love Notes to My Big Shooter.
(Now before you go all weepy and soft in the knees let me explain. I had to do something to get him to read this blog regularly...making him a daily target...I mean subject will definitely get him reading...)

For one year I am going to list, at the end of each post, at least one reason I love my Big Shooter more than life itself.

You'll get to see first hand many things...

*How super thoughtful he is. *How macabre his humor is. *How much he loves his fam. *The abuse he endures from his loving wife & adoring children on a daily basis. *Why God put us together. *And many other earth-shattering observations.

I've been thinking of this for two days so I am going to list two things to start this daily gig.

Love Notes to Big Shooter:
1) 20+ years ago we shared our first Dairy Queen ice cream treat in Southern Idaho and he discovered I realllly like maraschino cherries. Not one time, not. one. time, since then has he failed to offer me "the cherry on top" before he takes a bite. Silly? No. I think Thoughtful and Unselfish.

2) Recently, on a day when he received what had to be the hardest news a man has to face he thought of only putting a smile on his children's faces when their eyes met his... by smashing his bahootchie against the car the car next to a red a very busy broad daylight...made the three of us SNORT and squeal with laughter. They will remember their father's derriere smashed flat for the rest of their lives...and one day I'll be able to share with them what day it was...


Anonymous said...

The right thing to do..and touching..even to me..had no idea about the cherries!

Flea said...

I'm guessing I should be praying for you and big shooter? And I hate maraschinos, so you're welcome to all of mine. :)

Unknown said...

You are such a good wife. Seriously.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Ya'll know Prayers to the Almighty are always welcome...but, do not worry about us. We are strong. Especially when we can rest in our Father's strong embrace...not to mention that lap. Holy Cow! We can ALL fit in that thing! Even you...if you need to today.

FerLee said...

This is such a wonderful thing to do for your husband. Would you mind if I copy it sometime???

Love ya Sis!!!

Queen B said...

That is so awesome! What a lucky guy!!

Thanks for a great idea!!