March 24, 2009

Nicknames, Alternative Handles or "Hey, you!"

My dear bloggy friend, Somebody Loved, asked yesterday if I called Big Shooter anything besides Sledge...

Now those of you who know me personally I politely ask you to stop snickering, cause this is supposedly a family friendly(ish) kinda blog and I'm not sharing all the nicknames Big Shooter gets called...often.

Sheila's question really got me thinking about names we are affectionately called or call others. Every time I talked to one of the Crumbs today, I thought about what I called them. I am definitely a nicknamer.

When I taught 3rd graders, I rarely called them by their names. I always called them Sweetie, Honey, Darlin', Love Child (I know, that last one is borderline weird.). Every new class took a little adjusting, then they all got used to it and didn't ask why anymore. I didn't have an answer anyway. I just did it. I still do. Everyone in my life has a nickname of some sort. They may not know it. But I do...and more than likely so do the Crumbs and Big Shooter.

Big Shooter's real life name starts with a B, so when we first dated that's all I called him. B. Now, once his fam got used to my personality and my name starts with get the picture. Together, we are a bunch of BS...I know, it's corny. But, it sure is true corniness.

I really just call him Love. Or Darlin'. Or Love Monkey. Or Hunka Burnin' Love. Or Bubba. Or Dork. But mostly, Love. Sometimes I add Muffin at the end. How's that for feminine Sheila? Are any of those helping Tony feel better about Lovebug?

Now the Crumbs? They don't really know their real given names.
Boy Child gets called - Boy, Pants, Brother, First Child, Boy Child, Sweetheart, Little Love, Darlin', Bubba Boy, Sweet Boy, Sweetheart, and Doofus.
Girl Child gets called - Girl, Skirt, Sister, Sissy, MBR (her initials), Sweetness, Sugar, Love Child, Princess, Baby Cakes, Sweetie, Honey Bunch, Darlin', and Dorkus.

Even Olliver doesn't really know his name. He gets called - My Baby, Babykins, The Good Child, The Dumb Dog, The Damn Dog, The Bestest Dog, Frog Man, Salty Dog, Scrawny Legs, Dead Weight and of course, Brain Dead.

What do you call your fam, friends, loved ones...enemies?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: B, Bubba, Sledge, Love, Darlin', Sweetie-Pie-Honey-Bunch, Love of my Life, Dorkfest. Of all of them, my favorite is Survivor. Before you get all swarmy and gooey warm on the inside, I don't mean cancer survivor, I mean a survivor of me....heh, heh.


ShEiLa said...

I am so totally a girl that gives nicknames... I knew we were kinred spirits. *Ü*

Everyone I know has at least
3 or 4. Including the dog and cat.

Since I do not know the people that are crazy drivers and nearly cause road rage... they even have nicknames.
[but i won't list those here]


ShEiLa said...

Tony says knowing he is not alone does not make him feel better at all.

When he complained about this before... I called him raging stallion and he never complained... hmmmm I wonder why???

So today I will try and think of a masculine nickname for my wittle boy so him will quit pouting about it. ;)

Love ya!

ToOdLeS, AgAiN...

FerLee said...


Hubby is called - Honey, Babe or his given's that for original

Oldest boy is Bubba, Bub, red-headed one, goofy butt, goober, goof ball, goofus maximus, etc

Middle guy is Hoss, blubber butt (that's a joke between him and daddy), meister, monster, goofus minimus, goober, sweetness, etc.

Little miss is Little Miss, miss thang, sis, sister, sweetpea, cutie patootie (she hates that), goober (that is mama's name for all of them from time to time...when they're being a goober), various shortened versions of her real name including "Chrissy" & "Chris", girlfriend, little lady, etc.

Girls are easier to nick name than boys I think...and you can tell by how many my daughter has than my boys.

Flea said...

What fun! Here I call the oldest Maybelline, just like in the blog. She was once Mae-Mae, or Miss Mouse. At almost 16, she's just Mae or Maybelline.

Middle child gets O quite often. Or Oh-liver. Or Boy.

Youngest hears Than, Thaniel and Little Guy.

My Hunny? Hunny. Sweetie. Baby. Shugah. Or Shug. Hun. As in Attila the.

I'm not much on nicknames. My own is more than I can handle some days.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see... I call your husband Wetsuit. He knows why. I call my own husband Quickdraw. He knows why too.

I call my oldest child Hop or Nut and my younger one Bun or Bun Bear. (She's a soft-hearted soul so I force myself to be gentle).

Though my nicknames probably don't sound much like "terms of endearment", they truly are.

If I like you enough to insult you, consider it the highest form of a compliment. Nothing quite says *love* like a sucker punch. :)

Gordostyle said...

Everything OK over there in Shooterland? We're missin' ya!


FerLee said...

Knock, knock...anyone home???

Flea said...

GirlFRIEND. Where you at?! You doing JBF again? If not, drop me a line.

tammy said...

Missing your humor and wit!! Hope everything is okay.


Anonymous said...

Quick, recover from JBF and give us a blog. Our nicknames, J-dog (middle child) and SuperSigh) Soul Sis. (I was the most tired driving home from Tulsa Monday)

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