March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday

to you.

Happy Birthday

to you.



Dear Daughter...
to you.
We love you with all our hearts Bitty Boo.
You are our Sunshine on a cloudy day.
You are sugar to our souls.
Love you.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: 9 years ago you gave me my most treasured surprise. Thank you. I cannot imagine life without My Girl.


Rudy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Bitty! She is so much fun to be around. She has such a love for life!

Anonymous said...

Aw, how great! Happy birthday to her.

ShEiLa said...


she looks precious to me.
Thank you for sharing all of those photos of your girl. Love 'em!

Looking back on things doesn't it surprise you how fast they grow? Its like you turn around and ta-da.
From baby to grown-up!

Happy Birthday Girl Child/Crumb #2!


Unknown said...

Sweet. Happy Birthday, Petite Straight Shooter.

Gordostyle said...

Oh such sweet pictures! I love that one of her in the tree! And then the one of her next to muscle man... Oh heck, I love all of them! Too cute!

Birthday wishes to your sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Princess of Journeyville! She is adorable in ALL of them. She looks so sweet & innocent; yet she has her father's biting sense of humor. Truly a treasure to behold.

However, I'm still trying to erase the imagine of Sloppy Shooter in a wetsuit from my mind. Does the man not have a friend who will be honest with him?!!

WomanHonorThyself said...

aw happy birthday girly!!!

Anonymous said...

To my evil twin separated at birth:

I am in your debt for being so brutally honest. My life has been a series of dissappointments for me, and wearing the wet suit was my way of dealing with the inner pain. But now thanks to Nancy in Nebraska I am free, and i can rest in the knowledge of never wearing neoprene again. Thank the lord I am no longer subject to that burden. Thank you Nancy, Bless your Husker soul. I am just sorry that you had to endure the site. You are truley a gift from God.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

What a lovely tribute to your daughter. I understand - I have two girls.

Anonymous said...

You kill me Buck Shot... that's the best excuse I've ever heard for wearing neoprene! Complete change of subject: Have you guys seen the woman on the news 2nite who called 911 complaining about McDonald's? I'm not kidding... she reported an emergency because McDonald's charged her for the 10 piece chicken nugget meal then failed to deliver. After her 3rd call to 911, the cops arrested her. You've got to listen to those tapes... they're HILarious!