November 14, 2008

Puh-leeze tell me ya remember!

The human brain is a remarkable living computer!
I love, love, LOVE to watch my kiddos' brains work.
Now Big Shooter would lovingly disagree about the fact the Boy Child's brain works on all cylinders - all the time. I do not chastise him when ever he says such things because I have the distinct feeling he is speaking from experience...not judgement.
Back to my little story.
I do not remember now what brought this little ditty to mind, but in the middle of a lesson I started singing, "Allllmond Joy has nuts...Peter Paul Mounds don't. Beeeeecause...sometimes you feel like a nut. And sometimes ya don't!" I glanced up to big eyed silent stares. And if you know anything about the Crumbs - they are not quiet.
After several seconds, I shrugged and asked, "Whuh? What's the problem?"
To which I was promptly answered with more shocked staring.
"Haven't you ever heard that song," I asked wondering when the last time I heard it was.
They both just slowly shook their little blond bobs at me.
"C'mon! You have to have heard it! I grew up hearing it!" Could I get any more lame in my attempts to convince myself I am not old?!! Good Grief!
All at once they both broke into giggles and asked where I'd heard it.
"Are you serious?! I grew up with that song playing on the TV. Every momma my age knows that song."
So they called Sashi.
After much warming up and encouraging she sang it to the absolute delight of the Crumb Snatchers.
Then they called Soul Sis.
She belted it out on their first request, no questions asked.
Then they experimented and called Daddy to see if the Dads my age might know it too.
He did. Again, no questions asked. They practically fell on the floor in a heap of giggly jello.

Side Note: It made me wonder just now typing those last few sentences.
Why is Sashi the only one of these three people who love my kiddos, concerned about what is going on in my house and wondering why my kids are calling out of the blue to ask to hear the nut song? Hmmm.

What a fun trip down Memory Lane for the Crumbs to travel with me...and Daddy and others. They asked to hear every song I could remember when I was a child around their ages.
I sang the "My bologna has a first's M-a-y-e-r. My bologna has a second's..."song. I hummed the Peanuts theme. I sang, "Conjunction ... function.. that's your... nuh-amme. Conjunction ... function ...what's your... guh-amme?" song too. I tried to make the Six Million Dollar Man sound no avail. I hummed the Dallas theme too.
I couldn't remember very many of them though.
I was hoping you could so we could sing, hum, pretend, whatever for them?
They loved this little game!!!
Leave me a comment and then have a FABULOUS weekend y'all!!

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Heeeey Big Shooter, whaaaat cha got cookin'? Hooooow's about coooookin' somethin' uuuup for meeeee???


Shawna Merritt said...

Your bologna's first name is O-S-C-A-R, silly!


Shawna Merritt said...

Oh... Have you tried explaining that, when you were a child, not only were there no TiVos or dvds, there were also no VCRs, and if you wanted to watch your favorite cartoons (Smurfs, anyone?) you had to wake up early on Saturday morning, and if you slept too late it was just too bad? My kids can't seem to get their heads around that... and that makes me feel old!

From A Creative Heart said...

Sadly, I read this post just before heading to bed...I have a feeling the "Nut" song is going to be playing in my head all night.....Gee Thanks!!! LOL

FerLee said...

LOLOL...My mom and I were singing that song this Halloween. She had bought a bag of candy and had to wait till Halloween to open it. It had Almond Joys in it and she loves the nut. So we were singing "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't"...

I have never thought about my kids NOT knowing just always assume they do.

faroutmom said...

What would you do-oo-oo??? for a Klondike bar? I sing that all the time. It hasn't been that long ago, but the kids still look at me strange. There are others that I sing, but can't for the life of me remember a single one right now. I will think on it today and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey the next time you see Papacita, you need to have him sing the commercials from when WE were kids-50 yrs ago!! He knows MANY of them, & he didn't even get to watch tv that much!! One he does sing to the grandkids whenver they get into the car is "buckle up for safety buckle up..."

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, ha...I remember to spell bologna because of that song. I started humming it the other day when I was leaving a comment and needed to spell bologna. B-O-L-O-G-N-A

We remember.

clan of the cave hair said...

i got the same blank stare from my kids when I sang that song on Halloween!
I remember my mom singing the Bosco song and not knowing what the heck Bosco was.

T with Honey said...

Watch it wiggle.
See it giggle.
Cool and fruity.
Jello brand gelatin.

But I bet I'm the only person that can still sing the Smurf Berry Crunch jingle (to the tune of The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy) or even remember that such a cereal existed.

The Bayou Belles and Their Beau said...

Ummm ... I don't remember (cough) any of those things. Ahem ... you must be a lot older than me.

Gordostyle said...

Flippin' hilarious! I KNOW the song too! I'll be old with ya! HA!


P.S. Now my wheels are turning trying really hard to think of some more jingles!

Dawn said...

Oh, yeah, bringing back some great memories!

When I was teaching first grade I was giving a spelling test. The word was were. I started singing I wish I WERE an Oscar Meyer Weinner. Of course, they loved it so I stopped the test to teach it to them. The much older teacher across the hall stopped outside my door and just looked at us (she thought I was a little too developmentally appropriate). I said, What? I'm just giving them a spelling test. She smiled and went on her way.

At the end of that year when we got our test scores back and mine were the exact same as hers she came and apologized for judging me. I thought that was very, very thoughtful of her to do!

Okay, that got off subject! LOL

Great post! I love that your kids called everyone asking them to sing! Too fun!

kelli said...

New cherry coke! Wild and outrageous! Even my husband doesn't remember that one.

This post reminds of the part in that movie Demolition Man where they turn on the oldies station and the entire thing is commercial jingles.

Visiting from T with Honey. :)

Anonymous said...

The Doodlebugs, the Doodlebugs, flyin' high, flyin' low, flyin' free like the summer breeze.

The Doodlebugs, the doodlebugs, they're in the air and everywhere.

-Ya know, that show with the bugs and the mean lady that was really the false teeth cleaner commercial lady. 'Member? Came on after school each day until it changed to Sigmond the Sea Monster and then later changed to Puff the Magic Dragon, but would always come back to the Doodle Bugs.

Linda...inOwasso said...

Too funny Stacey! I was just teaching my girls the Oscar Meyer ditties the other day. I forgot about the Almond Joy one, until now. I get the "Mom, you are so weird!" look frequently around here... so don't feel alone. :)

Anonymous said...

I can bring home the bacon...buh duh duh duh...
Fry it up in a pan...buh duh duh duh...
And never ever let you forget you're a MAN...'cause I'm a woman - Enjoli

Good one for BS 'cause you can sing it to him in a raspy Demi Moore voice :)

6HappyHearts said...

Sister you crack me up!!!
Thanks for making these nonsense jingles stick in my head tonight : )~
My sister & I like to sing old sitcom songs while cleaning the kitchen after a family get together. We do a mean Love Boat where something is always exciting & new ; )