November 20, 2008

My real surreal day in Poe Dunk

So apparently I wasn't too clear yesterday.
Let me clarify.
  • Big Shooter really does sleep walk.
  • However, he was not sleep walking when he invited us to Poe Dunk at 4:00am.
  • There really was a car in a lobby of one of the stores his company owns.
  • I had pictures of it because I was really there at like 8:00am.

Hope that helped someone.

It really just sounds even more surreal to me.

Speaking of which...

What do you do in Poe Dunk with two youngin's while waiting for Big Shooter to wrestle up a carpenter, supplies, and deal with policemen trying to solve the mystery. (To add to the confusion of yesterday's post: The car was found still running & unoccupied.) Can you imagine the allure and excitement all four officers were experiencing? They were positively giddy!

Anyways...the question was: What to do with two Crumbs who have had little sleep, a looong car ride, no breakfast and the excitement of destruction at 8:00am Saturday morning in Poe Dunk, Oklahoma?

Why you luck out and are able to attend the region's largest annual Folk Fest this side of the Mississippi that just happens to be opening up at 9:00am a few miles up the beautiful winding road!

I'd never been to a Folk Fest before. It's not that I don't like Folks. I love 'em. It's just not something I ever thought to say to Big Shooter before. "Love, I hear there's a giant Folk Fest going on somewhere in the South every weekend and by golly it sounds like some rip roarin' fun! Let's go."

My expectations were not raised however when the parking attendant said, "The pick-up spot for the shuttle is right over there..."
And this was the shuttle to take us up the hill.

It didn't get any better when I read the name of the next entertainers either.
(It says Skirtlifters if you can't read it.)
And I wasn't quite sure about the mental stability of the majority of people in attendance. Most of them were retirees and lots of them were pushing strollers for this reason.

But then we saw art pieces like this.
It was magnificent.
Carved by hand. The details were stunning. I should have stood a Crumb Snatcher next to it for comparison. It was over 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

Then there were people like this guy. He was making a broom. Others were spinning yarn, working a loom, sewing with a pedal powered sewing machine, making lye soap, giving hatchet throwing lessons (much to Boy Child's delight), giving fiddle lessons...on and on it went.
This tree sprang up out of the earth in 1646 and lived through WWII y'all. Just reading the facts and events it had lived through was worth the trip. Seeing the dawning on the Crumb Snatchers' faces as they began to realize the longevity and significance trees have on our society was worth the trip. I need to have them guest post on all the products we consume that have to do with wood. Unbelievable.Then there were the crafts. Oh, the fabulously talented craftsmen.
But did I get a picture of the incredible basket maker, the blown glass guy, or the intricate wood carver?
No. But, apparently in my sleep deprived state I felt this sign was of some significance because I took no less than 5 shots of it trying to get the saying and the light just right I guess.
I can't even read the whole thing it's so blurry.
But, maybe it will speak to someone out there in Bloggyland.

(I am positive what ever it says, it is gag-a-rama, and I don't really do gag-a-rama. Ask Saucy Sashi.)

They even had a petting zoo with Folksy animals to occupy two sleep deprived and kinda cranky Crumbs.

Right next to the petting zoo and the hatchet throwing was this Cherokee guy. He played his hand carved flute and spoke for at least 10 minutes to just Girl Child. She asked a bajillion ??'s and was enamoured by him.
(I have a video of him playing for her if I could just figure out how to post it!)
She wanted me to take a picture of her outside this period cabin. The pic did not turn out what we had hoped. The dirt used as mortar between the logs was truly Oklahoma red dirt. Not so much in the pic though.
(If you love my new fall purse in the background, leave a nice comment. If you agree with Saucy Sashi that it looks like her Granny's curtains or sofa or something she'd love, don't leave a comment.)
It was abundantly apparent to me Boy Child's attention span was OVER by this point.
It was his idea to take our pic, but he would not smile...
forgive what we look like.
We got up and ready (well, actually I never got undressed from the day before) and out of the house by 4:20 am.
(If you are wondering, that was a leaf that fell just as I pushed the shutter, not a weird growth on my neck...)
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I tell you what - you sure know how to show your fam a great time. We always love going with you on your little jaunts. If anything, they are always memorable.


Flea said...

That's a weird growth on your neck and you know it. :) It's why you bought the grannie purse, isn't it? To distract from the growth?

Okay, I'm not awake yet. I love the photos, especially the tree. Your kids look like they had a faboo time. Did you ever tell us what the Skirtlifters did? Did I miss that?

Pat said...

Email me and let me know what Poe Dunk town that was in. We'd love seeing that stuff and are always looking for things to do on the weekends. Glad you were able to enjoy your unplanned trip.

faroutmom said...

Awesome ending to such a weird morning, I'd say.

Thanks for including a pic of you. I miss your face and always enjoy seeing it. It makes me happy. (Stalker paragraph over)

[Somebody Loved] said...

Love the dog in the stroller. (guess his pet doesn't need exercise... either that or he/she is uncontrollable) I see they are making 'my witches broom' there... Ü. My favorite is the photo of you & the kids. Looks like you are having a great time. So much to see. Isn't that the way it always works??? Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Purse gets a big fat seal of approval by me. LOVE IT.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Seriously... I need to buy a pack of Depends 'cause every time I come over here I ALWAYS laugh so hard!! This post... it may have been the funniest yet.

There's so much to say... the shuttle comment/picture nearly made me fall out of my chair. An on and on.


p.s. I know I owe you an e-mail!!