September 3, 2008

Oh. My. Word.

Liberals described her as: snarky, condescending, mean, nasty, hypocrite, vile, no substance, puppet, on and on.
Conservatives described her as: a new star, dead-on, called a spade a spade, fresh, hit it outta the park, truthful, hope, on and on.

Ma and Pa Shooter? Here were some of our descriptions: "Yes!", "(raised eyebrows) and they said she's a wall flower?"," Holy Moley! She's got some cajones!", "Now, that's a Mama Bear!"," Wow, she's tellin' it like it is...", "She's a hot-tee! (said by me)!", "I want her to be the POTUS...(said by Big Shooter)"

Obviously, we in the Shooter household are conservative. Obviously. But, I am wondering how you all feel? Any one else watch? What say you?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Oh Baby! It's gonna get hot come November. So when do you think you'll give me The Sign Nod for the lawn? I've had my master Sign Location Plan completed for some time now!


FerLee said...

I LOVE her!!! I tend to agree with BS...but I'll take her as VP!!!

Flea said...

I didn't watch. Sorry. Wanted to, but having issues with people in pain at the moment. Guessing I can find it online, though.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a speech! My hubby kept saying she's knockin it CLEAR out of the ballpark!! AND talking about how cute she is!
She's definitely got the charisma.
See you Tuesday!

faroutmom said...

I am SHOCKED that the signs aren't already in place! I see a busy sign weekend!

Love her! 85% of her state loves her. Have you ever heard of THAT before?

Shawna said...

Charming, cute as a button, and the perfect President in 8-12 years. But this election I'm a little terrified of the prospect of a US Maverick in Chief on the international stage. Even for me, some things outweigh the pro-life litmus test for candidates.

Anonymous said...

SHE IS ON! I loved the line that all families have problems, what class to say so much with so little. My favorite thing is that she seems like a real Mom. We all just need to remember to pray for her and all her family. Soul Sis

Rudy said...

I thought it was great! Can't wait for the debate, she's gonna cream that old democrat:) How about Piper smoothing baby brother's hair with her spit, very cute family.

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I'm with you S.A.
The Crumbs asked if we'd be out holding signs with the Merritts again?
I hear ya Soul Sis! That comment was fabulous. I loved that they didn't hide anything. Put 'er out there with her belly and said, "And my three beautiful, strong and courageous daughters..."
FarOut, I WANT signs out. Big Shooter wants to wait til it's colder so the grass won't grow so quickly. You know lawn mowing vs. signs thing? This weekend we will be doing final preperations for the sale next week.
Have a great day all!

ShEiLa said...

Sarah Palin?
I love that she is a mother with a beautiful family. I am glad that she wants to be a friend to those will special needs children.

Do I believe that she hit a homerun with her speech? NOPE!!!
I don't believe that in order to make yourself look good... you make others look bad.

She actually believes that the war in Iraq is part of God's plan. It is my belief that a loving God would never plan for his children to wage war amongst each other... come on.

Do I pray that our men and women will come home & soon. Yes! I do not believe we should have gone to Iraq in the first place.

If people want a tough lady... I think they found her. I wonder if she will hold up in the debates???
Time will tell.

Does a 'Hot-tee MOM' really a vice-president make?


~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

I am so glad you spoke your mind my friend Sheila!
I love that about you...and miss your blog b/c of it!
Looks like I agree with one of your points for sure (which cracked me up the way you said it btw) "Does a 'Hot-tee MOM' really a vice-president make?" Nope. But, in my opinion, it sure is a bonus in countless ways!
I also agree whole heartedly with your belief that our God is a loving and kind God. I think the problem is not OUR God though. If we boiled it all down to why they hate us so unfortunately has to do with what they believe THEIR God - Allah- demands of them...which is NOT loving and kind. No matter what the American Muslims say (or rather loudly, DON'T SAY).
I also agree with your statement you don't have to make someone else look bad so you can look good. Mr. Biden and Mr. Obama had the first shot at the floor. They had the privilege to set the tone. They were...less than gracious and respectful. I liked the fact Mrs. Palin answered all their allegations...and with unquestionable confidence. I like that in a person. But, then again if you read my introduction at the top of the site I am a self proclaimed "Insert Foot" kinda gal.
I am so very glad we live in a country where you and I can have a conversation about what is really important to us, our family and our future without fear of any kind. Not from our government, our friends, our family and our community in general. Or, in our case, agree to disagree. ;0)
Keep 'em comin' friend. It should be a lively Election Season!

Fawn said...

Oh dear Shelia how I love you!
I've been holding my tongue on this one becuase I posted something a few days ago about this and pretty much either got lashed or got no comment at all.

But, you give me courage to say...
She read her written speech very well, she is a hottie, her family is cute and normal and I love all of the fun names.

I thought the stupid comment about the columns going back to some set was childish, the lipstick joke was funny, but not seeing how that makes her right for the job.

I am a christian. I am pro-life, I believe marriage is between a man and woman, BUT I also believe McCain/Palin are not right for our country today. Without going into my whole own post, I will just leave it at that.

Love ya SS--hope you'll still my roomie! Promise not to hold a debate with you in Dallas. :)

Fawn said...

BTW SS, I don't believe your comment was a lashing. In retrospect, none were really a lashing. Just sort of feeling like the blonde chic on The View--only opposite and outnumbered in my blog world.

OK, I'm obsessing. Must move on.

Nicolle said...

Hi Straight Shooter, I'm Cervato's BF, and she told me to check out your posting. I have to say I am warming up to Palin more and more. I was nervous about McCain's pick at first, but I think she is great! She is strong, hard working, and very intelligent. The Dems say these things still don't qualify her as a VP, well, what qualifies Barak and Biden?! Arguments can be made on both sides, may the best WOMAN win!!!

Try not to hold Cervato's "incorrect" opinions against her! :)

love you Cervato!

Nicolle said...

Sorry "Barack", no disrespect, didn't mean to spell the name wrong above!!

Shawna said...

I think you know how to get lots of comments on your blog now ;)

I'm afraid I was unclear, because I'm fairly sure you're not with me on this one at all... I think McCain would be the international Maverick in Chief, ergo I'm voting Obama. "Cervato" is right on on this one.

But we can still hold signs together (though – Election Day is Elanor's 3rd birthday!) because I know "God Bless the USA" and "Honk if you voted!" and flag waving still apply for both of us. How many more years do you suppose we can get away with that before our children are too embarrassed? Maybe they'll just grow up to organize their friends to join us :)

Rachel said...

I'm a Palin fan! She seems to have it all together!

Unknown said...

Love, love, love her! I was totally unsure about mentioning her on my blog, but I was too excited to NOT post about her. I think she's ready for president, not just vice-president. I've definitely ready to see her in a debate.

L D said...

THANK YOU. For the love, I thought I was the only conservative blogger in the world. Or, at least, conservative mommyblogger. Not alone--woo hoo!

Found you via Blog Nosh :-)

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Love her!

She's just what we need at this moment in time.


p.s. Sorry, I am so not able to articulate political things well.. Daniel makes up for it - he has his share AND my share :)