September 15, 2008

Crumb Snatcher Speak & Clarification

Girl Child: What would you change your name to, if you could?
Me: Hmmm...I'd have to think on that one. I'd want it to be different. But, not "way out there" different. I'd want it to have a reason or a meaning...and it'd need to describe me in one word.
Girl Child: Oh! I've got one then. It's perfect. I think it should be Skally Wag. But wait...that's two words...

Thank you Spawn, thank you.
Note from the Editor: Just returning to the real world after a week of whirl-wind JBF activity. Posts may be scattered and scatter-brained for the next few days while we wrap up the ends and issue checks. Thank you for your patronage in my absence my Bloggy Friends.
As I was reading the comments I realized I did not clarify the post about the Illegal Dumping Grounds. That was not me personally speaking. It was written by a member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps from the Tucson Chapter.
To my dear friend Soliloquy ~ Yes, sadly this is very true. Click here and read more about it at the bottom of the page.


ShEiLa said...

Skally Wag, huh?
I have known a few 'skally wags' in my day.
very hilarious.

Rudy said...

Did #2 not elaborate on why she chose Skally Wag ;)

FerLee said...

Hmmm...Skally Wag...interesting

I know a word that describes you perfectly...busy!!!

Vicki said...

I thought she was wanting to call you "perfect" at first. I think I would have given my daughter ice cream for dinner if she would have stopped there.

Skally Wag, does she watch Veggie Tales? :)

Gordostyle said...

Welcome Back Skally Wags! :o) We missed ya!

Hope your event was successful and fun!


Unknown said...

Skally Wag - what a hoot!

Welcome back :)

Flea said...

Scalawag is one word. Spell check says so. Are you going to start the legal process to change that sometime soon?