April 23, 2009


The Crumbs and I counted down the days...
it was SO WORTH IT!!
When Daddy-O asked what they'd learned.
He was bombarded for the next 20 minutes with fact after fact.
If you are looking for some spectacular photography, entertaining educational material and being mesmerized by our gorgeous planet - then go see it soon.
And Happy Earth Day.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I know, I know, you're holding your breath in anticipation for some words on the whole Chavez, Castro, water boarding, basically stellar first few months...but, I'm just not up to it yet Love. Maybe you can persuade me. Bribe me. Encourage me greatly. hint, hint.


Rudy said...

I really really really want to see this movie!

Christine said...

Well good to see you back! I REALLY want to see this movie with the five-year-old, do you think it's young enough for him?

The other one, well he'd watch about 9 minutes of it and then running up and down the aisles would seem more appealing.

ShEiLa said...

I had not even heard about this movie... I live a sheltered life.
Not many theater experiences lately... well ever.

I will have to see this. Especially when it comes so highly recommended.

As for the water boarding... one word... Torture! I hate that the USA partipated in war crimes. I want to see those involved punished to the fullest extent of the law.

That outta get you going.


FIL said...

As for water boarding... Two words.....( Enhanced interrogation ) And it saved thousands of lives. As for the witch hunt... it all political Bulls$%t.