April 24, 2009

R & R...well kinda.

Since R&R means rest and relaxation, I think we'll call ours DDT, WO & HTOL (Dead Dog Tired, Worn Out & Having the Time of Our Lives!)

We're in Branson again. Spending some much needed family time together.

Big Shooter joins us today. Can't wait.

Following is a typical exchange between the Crumbs.

1. I ask for a nice pose... she obliges, like the Good Child she is. He...


2. This tickles him pink!

3. She clobbers him and makes other threatening gestures and comments.

4. He finally gives in......but, she has to keep her eye on him.

5. Then she gets her revenge by volunteering them to pose with the purtiest girl in the Ozarks...he won't stand next to her or will barely take his eyes off her long enough to get the shot. He does NOT trust the Purtiest Girl as far as he can throw him, sorry, I meant her.

Have a great day.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: We'll be holding a place for you in line! Can't wait to hug you. We've prayed for an angel for each bumper, please don't give them an any excitement.


Somebody Loved said...

You take your R&R in fun places... I should start relaxing with you.

I am enjoying the love that is so clear in the photos with your dear crumb snatchers. Siblings... they are the best!!!


Flea said...

What fun! All those purty girls in one picture are just too much. :)

Hey, are you going to the Mom's night out in Tulsa? I just signed up to go and would love to meet you there if it wouldn't be too much for you right now. Here's the site: