May 19, 2009

Name game

I'm a name girl. Always have been.

I love names.

Naming my own children was like running a marathon.

We had the names we'd call them everyday picked out before they were a twinkle in Big Shooter's eyes. It was the middle names that gave us problems. Since I'd taught school, every name that came into contention I had a distinct like or dislike of.

Boy Child was not near as difficult as Girl Child though.

Big Shooter and I could NOT agree.

I thought we'd come to an agreement on the way to the hospital.

So did he.

Until he went with her to the nursery and I listened intently to the anesthesiologist and my O.B. G.'s conversation... then I wanted to change my mind. I loved the anesthesiologist's daughter's name. AND it was my great-granny's maiden name to boot! Ashton. I loved it.

(Of course I loved Cody Ryan, Paxton, Merry and Yancy too.)

She (the OB) and Big Shooter would have nothing to do with it. They were tired of me and my mind changing. So, they filled out the birth certificate with all the names Big Shooter and I had previously agreed on and I signed it.

Girl Child is blessed with four names.

Poor girl. She still can't wrap her mind around it.

What brought all this up?

Well remember my sweet, new, alternative-livin', heavily tattooed and very young neighbors? Did I mention they were 7 1/2 prego?

With Juniper.

I love that name.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for stepping in. You knew who they both were the moment you laid eyes on them. Me, on the other hand, was irrational with extremely high raging prego hormones and couldn't think clearly. You saved the day as usual. Sigh. I love you.


Heather said...

How is it that a woman, who wasn't even given a middle name, came to have a son with 2??! Girl Child isn't the only 4 name kid out there! :)

ShEiLa said...

Nobody ever has problems naming their kids. No not us for sure. ;)

That is why Jerry Neil ended up Ted Jerry. The only one I actually named was my Celestial Dawn. The rest Tony made the decision like the above I didn't want at all, but now it is the way it is... and I wouldn't change it.

Yvette left the hospital as Baby Girl King... so she has a two page birth certificate with the change to Yvette Cherie. (a french name Tony's Dad wanted)

You will have to e.mail me with the specifics on your baby girl. I would love to hear all of her names.

My Mom & Dad kept it simple. Seven girls all names ending in [a] and NO middle names. Sheila, Lisa, Debra, Angela, Carma, Karena. Only Carma left the hospital as Pamela and on the trip home her name-changed to Carma.


Kristina P. said...

I love old fashioned names, that aren't old ladyish.

Flea said...

You don't have a middle name? No wonder you have all this angst!

Hunny and I argued about our daughter's name. Like you, I taught and hated MANY names. we wound up with one the Hunny hated. Era Mae, called Mae. Mae suits her. It's my grandmother's name.

Jenni said...

I like Juniper too. Like Jennifer, but edgier.

I think your name problems could have been solved if you'd had more than two kids!! ;o)