November 9, 2008

Evidence of a Homeschooled Child

Originally written last week.

Big Shooter and I are often heard making flippant remarks such as, "Man, I've called DHS and complained about us as parents a dozen times...when are they gonna come give us a break?"
But, in the back of my mind I am ever mindful of this very real possibility since a nosy neighbor (like myself), who doesn't know we homeschool may wonder why my Crumb Snatchers are outside playing while the rest of the neighborhood kids are in school and actually make that call. So I keep meticulous records of lessons, assignments, projects and test scores just in case...
Today though, I had to smile and wonder what a DHS worker would think of the conversation I overheard during recess:

Girl Child: "AAaarrrr... (loud, obnoxious, very unlady-like screaming) Get back! Get out, you meddling European!

Boy Child: "What?! I (said with chest puffed-out and fake aristocratic voice) am not a meddling European. I am only trying to colonize (I love how the Okie slipped back in.) I have been sent by His Royal Majesty on a mission to conquer this country. (pompous voice again)

Girl Child: "Well, THAT will not happen! For I am on a mission too and it is to write the Monroe Doctor!...or what ever it's called!"

Boy Child: "So?"

Girl Child: "So, you can't come in my country anymore."

Boy Child: After a long pause, "What was the Monroe Doctrine again? Was it a bloody battle, or a cool weapon, or...?"

Girl Child: Lowering her stick sword, "I think it was a piece of paper."

Boy Child: Thrusting his stick sword at anything and everything, "What??? And that kept the Europeans out? Really??? Wow. They must have been scardy cats!"

Girl Child: "I dunno. I think they were tired of fighting. Remember the War of 1812...and the one before it.

Boy Child: "The Revolutionary War. Ding-Ding-Ding! (uses sword to hit pumpkin like a gong) "But yeah, you're right they were probably really tired of fighting by then! Shrugs his shoulders, "...wanna play Westward Expansion on the tramp then?"

And with that they ran to the backyard.
Concerns about DHS? Not so much. Sooner or later we'd prove we were fit to have them back and our mini-vacation would be over. I am more concerned with whether or not they will ever really fit in...??? They do have Big Shooter's gene pool ya know.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Have I said "Thank you for working your tail off so I can stay home and teach our spawn," lately? Cause if not. "Thank you from me and the Crumb Snatchers."


Anonymous said...

I give your crumb snatchers an A+ any day. Soul Sis

Huse Yo Mama said...

I love this!!!

by the way, I've tried emailing you and wondering if I'm using the right email address. I was hoping to talk to you before I ship out your item tomorrow!

Email me, if you get a chance.

Rudy said...

Sounds like those two are paying attention in school! Good job

Anonymous said...

Great post, but sounds like too much fun for school. I never got to have that much fun...Hmph.

Enjoy your fun kids today! Happy homeschooling. I admire all those that dare to school at home.

ShEiLa said...

I am glad you were there to record the moment... it sounds like they know their stuff. Thanks to you.

Kirsetin Morello said...

A great ad for homeschooling if ever I heard one. Nice job, teach.