November 21, 2008

Easy Peezy Post

I am working on a post that is an emotion toll taker for me, so I needed a fluff post for today y'all. I think it will be ready for tomorrow.
In the mean time, I realized my dear, sweet, very missed friend Far Out Mom was right. I don't publish pics of myself very often. And I know how I do love it when other blog authors do. So for your entertainment (and my peace of mind) - more pictures from our Poe Dunk day excursion. (with a couple extra of me)

Do all boys do this? Or is mine showing unnatural early signs of something ominous??

In contrast, see how Girl Child is holding the buffalo's muzzle like it is living...?

Just my sweet, sweeet Boy again. (Sigh)...and my dirt lovin', leaves in her hair, bug huntin' Girl again. (sigh) (again)

Gratuitous pics.
Yes. There is that much difference.
He is 6'4.
I am 5'1, on a good day.

The end.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I always forget,until I see a picture, how much we really do look like Mutt & Jeff. Heh.


Shawna said...

What great pictures of you all :)

Gordostyle said...

Looooove the pics! And... you and your hubby are just adorable together!

BTW... my son is just like yours... shoots at everything... real or not... :o) Boys.


faroutmom said...

Yeah, my boy does the same thing!

Thanks for the pics! Made my day! I especially love the one with orange trees reflecting in the water behind you. You see the brown undergrowth at the water's edge but then POW! A streak of orange reflecting the tops of the trees in the water. It highlights you and BS well.

BTW--I have never (in person) seen your hair that long. I really like it!

ShEiLa said...

What brilliant fall colors. I wish I had more of that here in Nevada. It was great in Austin... and the colors in your photos are breathtaking. Thanks for sharing a few with you in them.

Unknown said...

you are so fun. and what a lovely, lovely day.

Queen B said...

I love the pictures! What a beautiful day!!

And you are just the cutest thing ever.

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The lake behind you and your husband looks like it is on FIRE!! The reflection is amazing!

Love the pictures... all of them!


Unknown said...

Love the pics!

5'1", huh? I'm 5'2 1/2". I always round up and say 5'3".

Anonymous said...

Fab pictures! You guys are such a CUTE couple and your kids are adorable.

Anonymous said...

You are lookin' cute my friend! Great pic of you and B.S.!!! I was in Sprif yesterday, my momma was in the hospital overnight checking her heart. She did not have a heart attack but we still don't know what's going on...Soul Sis

Flea said...

You are just the cutest thing ever! And your boy child is really growing up. Wow. Thank you for posting pics of you and the Hubby. :)

Anonymous said...

A tall hubby comes in handy when you need him to hold the camera to takes pictures of the two of you. Long arms and all...

Anonymous said...

Takes---take whatever.

FerLee said...

What awesome pics. Like others have said...I love that one of you two with the trees reflecting off the water. It looks like the water is on fire. The illusion continues because the trees it's reflecting aren't in the picture. I had to study that for a minute. We may have to check out that folk festival sometime...sounds like an absolute blast!!! Oh, by the way, where is poe dunk OK?????

Jenni said...

You guys are SO cute!!!!!!