November 1, 2008

Calvin, Rocker Chick & a Preview

None of the pics have great lighting...
but great fun was had by all!

In full Calvin mode.
All. the. time.

I'm thinkin' the bad light actually made her look more rocker ghoulish...

I personally loved the pink pirate kitty necklace.

I started noticing Boy Child's body language.
He seems to have begun leaning a smidgen away from her...
He's had enough.
Time to get on with the Candy Begging!
I know I promised pix of the Big Shooter today.
There's a little problem - Big Shooter doesn't like the pix.
I know. Wahhhh.
It's one of those rare times I will show some restraint...
I'll wait a couple days until he's back at work.
Just so you don't feel totally jipped though...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Plllleease hurry back to work so I can share the pix. I've got to deliver on my promise Love. Besides that, I can't wait to show 'em how incredibly lucky I am to have a hot Rocker living with me!!


Queen B said...

Love it. All rockers need a pirate kitty necklace.

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

Aww, the kids looked great!

Do you find it harder to find them something to wear as they get older?

My 11 yr. old boy just had no ideas so we bought him a wig, teeth, & flannel shirt and put dirt (make-up) on his face and he was a dirty redneck/joe dirt.

But they had a blast & thats all that matters! :)

Unknown said...

Calvin & Hobbs ... very original.

And, she is rockin' that rocker outfit.