September 11, 2008

We Shall Never Forget...

Click on the picture above to visit a eye-witness's picture diary of the day.
When will we look at a plane flying low and not think of this day?
When will we stop worrying about our children being vulnerable?
When will we be able to look at a Middle Eastern man and not wonder?
When will we trust again?
Will we ever?


Anonymous said...

This event has changed so much of the United States and its citizens ..and never to return...we can't.
Love you

antgama said...

I'm so glad you posted this today.
A brief moment of silence just doesn't do it for me.
It is so much more than that.


Rudy said...

That I believe has changed our lives forever. This weekend they had the movie Flight 93 on tv and I watched it and cried, doesn't seem like 7 yrs ago. I have a nephew in Iraq now and one that is home from there but will be going back.

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful to see another blogger has used her voice to REMEMBER. Blessings, Whitney

ShEiLa said...

Thank you [Straight Shooter]!
You have a heartfelt way of bringing to mind moments in time we all share. It is hard to look at these photos and remember something so awful... but it would be reprehensible for us to forget.

FerLee said...

I whole heartedly agree with Sheila. It's very difficult to look at these pictures...but God help us if we ever forget.