September 25, 2008

Boo's gift for Eula Mae

"Momma, can I run over and see Eula Mae?" is something I hear several times a day. Eula Mae, if you don't remember is our little, elderly widow neighbor whom Girl Child is BFFs with.
Yesterday was no different than any other day.
The two are a perfect fit.
Eula Mae loves gettin' gifts...
And Girl Child loves givin' gifts.

Big Shooter and I have had many conversations about this relationship.
The positives:
* Practicing the characteristics of being Gentle, Kind & Caring.
* Learning to be the care giver at such a young age.
* Bonding friendship with another generation.
* Empathy for other's situations.
* Putting other's needs first.
* Learning the meaning of Love.
Our worries:
* The anxiety Girl Child feels when Eula Mae is not feeling well.
* The possibility of Girl Child being there or finding her deceased.
* The inevitable ending of a death.
The positives sooo outweigh the concerns.
Bitty Boo has learned first hand what it's like to calmly handle an emergency situation that needs medical attention. She remains calm and collected.
She is a natural worrier so she is learning how to deal with Eula Mae's health in a mature way.
The fact that we worried about her being the one to find Eula has forced us to have many a conversation with Bitty Boo about death, the natural life progression, aging, healthy habits, and of course Heaven.
We needn't have worried.
We found out Eula Mae has already been preparing our girl in her own sweet way.
She talks to Girl Child about it all the time.
How she longs to be with Norman. With Jesus. With her family.
How she will be looking out for Girl Child from afar.
How when something wonderful happens to her and she feels all warm and fuzzy "why that'll be me reaching down and hugging you...".
How when life serves her sour grapes she'll have a personal talk with God on Bitty's behalf "and I'll be reaching down to hug you then too..."
Our Girl Child has learned more Life Lessons from Miss Eula Mae in the past year than I could have taught her in a lifetime.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I know it's only Thursday, but you wanna teach me a Life Lesson...or two?


Rudy said...

Oh that is so sweet, brought tears to my eyes. Bitty is lucky to have such a wise friend, and Eula Mae is even luckier to have Bitty.

Flea said...

How wonderful. :) We had a neighbor and friend in Florida like that, except she didn't know Jesus. So the conversations with our kids were a little different. God is faithful to grow us all up, isn't He?

faroutmom said...

Eula Mae: Love her. I have tears streaming.

Love note: Crack me up! I have tears streaming.

Jodi said...

God Bless Eula Mae! What a special friendship they have. It's really sweet. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives!

ShEiLa said...

This is so sweet!
May God Bless Bitty Boo & Eula Mae too! I think all children should have this opportunity.

Gordostyle said...

Unbelievable! That is SUPER amazing and sweet and unique and AWESOME in SO many ways!


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous gift each is to the other! Just awesome.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I bet she'll remember Eula Mae all her life, and tell her own children about this season in her life someday. I think you definitely made the right decision, and pat yourself on the back for raising such a caring girl. Blessings, Whitney

WomanHonorThyself said...

beautiful beautiful post girl!

Erin Ward said...

your little girl is the sweetest thing.