September 29, 2008

In between the trauma-drama, there was Lots O' Fun

We took a few friends to the lake this past weekend to belatedly celebrate Boy Child's Big 10.
First thing Friday night, a young guest slid down a rugged banister and got a splinter where the sun does not shine...
thankfully, he was able to remove it without any help.
Saturday, I handed out "Egg Boat" making supplies. Everyone received a small ziplock, a few paperclips, straws, tape, a plate and a piece of bubblegum to see who could construct the boat that would safely float an egg the longest.

The Launch.

Note to self: Next time use paper plates... not waterproof Styrofoam.

They floated and floated. And floated...

until we offered to award the first to be sunk.

They made a bee-line to the shoreline to gather rocks and "other ammunition".

Saucy's farm boy had his stash ready to rock and roll!

Chuck it Girl! Chuck it!

As soon as we finished Girl Child had this little splinter go through her big toe.Yes. I said, "Through."

There was lots of trauma, drama, screamin' and blood involved.

Next up. A Treasure Hunt of sorts. They had to follow clues that lead them from the mailbox in front to the dock at the bottom of the hill in the back. Several times. On purpose.

Then for kicks and grins we thought they should go on a little nature Scavenger Hunt.

And just like the day before, as soon as we were finished...more trauma, drama, screamin' and LOTS of blood.

Boy Child lost his footing on the dock and took a rather large chunk of flesh from his knee.

No physical pics for this one.

Those of you who know me well will understand what Big Shooter meant when he returned from getting the boys lunch, survey the bloody scene and said, "Wow, Sweetie. You're still conscious. I'm impressed."

Side Note from the Editor: I was not going to share this photo that just happened to keep floating into my viewfinder while I was trying to get Crumb Snatcher shots...until his last comment about being impressed. Here's the line that kept wafting up to my ears each time he passed as well, "If you experience redness and swelling for more than 4 hours...".

The remainder of the day seemed boring in comparison. We just skipped rocks, fished, cooked hot dogs and s'mores on the grill, went for a little nature walk, chased some deer and dodged waves. Bore-ing. When compared to blood, guts and drama-trauma.

Love Note to My Big Shooter: Honestly, I can't think of a thing to say after I published your pic and quote...


Anonymous said...

When at first glance at the first picture of the first challenge I honestly said to myself, "why didn't she use paper plates?"... too many years of youth ministry... I love all your goofy life-happenings. Soul Sis

ShEiLa said...

So I guess you had fun amidst the trauma & drama. You were so prepared with cool things... the boats, the scavenger hunt... I am very impressed. Then there is that picture of your husband. Now WebMD will have a photo to post so men on certain drugs will know what to look out for. We laugh at the commercials advertising this product and when it comes to the warning... my hubby laughs and says... go to the hospital heck no I am calling all my friends to brag. Ü

Flea said...

Oh my word. That last 4 hour quote is hilarious. :) Your poor children. All that blood in one day!

Rudy said...

Glad you had a good time amongst all the blood. Oh Big Shooter, what a good sport....haha.

Gordostyle said...

Flippin' hilarious! Love the pic of your dear, dear hubby and the quote... will have to share that with my dear, dear hubby who happens to be a pharm. rep. that may or may not sell that particular drug! :o)

You're a good mom! Love the things you came up with for the kids to do! Terrific!

Happy Autumn!

faroutmom said...

sounds like a good time was had by all....especially BS. I take it that the water was warm...not cold.

FerLee said...


I actually got to see the aftermath of said boo boos. They weren't pretty. Quite the story. You constantly impress me with your initiative and imagination. Perhaps you answered some of my inquiries from my blog tonight.

Heather said...

Don't feel too bad, my Hubby would've said the same to me!! I've had several "incidents" at the hospital when I "became" the patient!
Quite ironic that I worked in Radiology of a Trauma hospital for 12 years! ;)