June 5, 2008

What?! It's not all about me?

See? See what I'm talkin' about? The previous post was suppose to be mostly about my little girl's plight. Instead it was all about me. How I handled it, or didn't handle it, how I felt, how I, I, I...
I didn't even say how she broke it.
Sorry Babycakes, Mommee is a Only-Child-Over-the-Top-Drama-Limelight-Whore. (Big Shooter thought that word was "over the top" itself. I asked him what other word described me in that situation...he didn't have one. Hmmm.)
Here's how she broke it:
While my sweet little one was walking my other sweet little one. He saw some deer and took off after them. Girl Child was convinced if she let go he'd keep running and we'd never see him again so she tried to keep up with him running up a bumpy, rocky hill. On her last step before reaching the smooth asphalt road she hit a rock and down she went.
Her knee is one big, nasty scab that is having a hard time healing b/c her mom is such a Good Mother and forgets it should probably stay dry for more than a few hours at a time. She had a big bruise under her left eye on her orbital bone. She had a cut lip. Her palms were pretty shredded and she broke both bones in her arm.
And did I mention she has a loser of a mom?
Thank God, literally, she has a Good Daddy.


FIL said...

I can't think of any other words either.

FerLee said...

Poor Baby!!!

I mean for the bruised face & side, scrached up hands & knee, oh and broken bones.

I had a friend when I was a kid who said that you can't be a kid without breaking some kind of bone. I was never a kid then and Lil' Bit is one x2 now.

OH, and did I tell you to tell her how amazingly proud of her I am. What a trooper. To go all around town with that arm splinted and not set yet...waiting without complaining. What a Girl!!!!

ShEiLa said...

I don't know how I missed this earlier... only I clicked on your sight about the time I got a return call from my friend Paula who just lost her Mother. YOU are NOT a BAD Mother!!! Accidents happen. While walking my chocolate lab, SugarBear, I fell when she chased a butterfly & I had shoulder surgery. Things happen girlfriend.
toodles, sheila