June 26, 2008


The negotiating and bribery that goes on between the Crumb Snatchers before bedtime is astonishing. Here's a typical conversation:
Boy Child: Can you sleep in my room tonight?
Girl Child: No.
Boy Child: Pleeeease? I'll let you sleep at whatever end you want.
Girl Child: No...
Boy Child: I'll give you a bunch of my money in my piggy bank.
Girl Child: How much? And I don't want your icky feet to touch me or get under my blanket.
Boy Child: Can we sleep in your bedroom. There's more room. (Which by the way is a gross over statement...)
Girl Child: Only if you let me sleep with all my cuddlies. (5 Bajillion of them.) And I get all your money in your piggy bank.
Boy Child: Okay. Deal. Moooommy, can I borrow some money...?

I would love to let you think it's because he loves her and wants to fight off the boogie men for her each night... But the truth is, he's as scared of the dark as his old Momma is. I'd probably still be having these nightly negotiations with my Mommy if I hadn't married Big Shooter. Now there's a Boogie Man Fighter for ya! I hope one day his son follows in his footsteps. I'd hate to think of the negotiations that would take place with his new little bride one day.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for eradicating all my Boogie Men. Because of you, I can bravely face each new day.


Anonymous said...

Humm... Suppose it might get dark at camp...."at night"? Be sorta interesting if Boy Child offers to pay some other child to sleep with him... Don't get to far from the phone....

FerLee said...

LOL, dad...too funny.

Bubba (#1) used to have to sleep with Hoss (#2) when it rained hard because he didn't like being close to the roof in his upper bunk. It's better in our new home because there is an attic to block most of the sound now. Now we just have Sweetpea in our bed when it thunders.

ShEiLa said...

we did this a ton at our house while our kids were growing up.
Negotiations are an important part of growing up... learning the give & take of it all. Some kids are naturally better at the give... and others with the take part. Isn't it wonderful when your children look out for each other... bribed or not.

Flea said...

Oh how cute is that! I've been fortunate that that's never been an issue here. My kids aren't afraid of much, actually. Little Guy was always afraid of being by himself and would whistle all the way down the hall and while going to the bathroom.

Queen B said...

I love the negotiating.

I left you a little happy on my blog today!!

Unknown said...

LOVE your blog! My dd is wearing capri's the pattern of the backsplash and our barn looks almost identical to yours. And by your description, we could indeed be long lost kin ;) Nice to "meet" ya Straight Shooter.