June 29, 2008

We are Oinkers.

Not like the little piggy went to market kind of swine.
as in
One Income No Kids.
We used to be dinks.
Double Income No Kids
Then we became bats.
Broke and Tired
And now, for a short time, we are oinkers.
This is how it happened.

We went on a walk and crossed this magic bridge.
On the other side we found a village of tree houses with a swinging bridge.

At the top of the hill we are greeted by this character.

He promptly abducts Boy Child and friend.

Further down the hill we catch sight of Girl Child's favorite wild creature.

She is terrified and clings to her Protector.
Who runs for help.

While the Protectors were looking for help elsewhere, the Nurturers were settling the wee ones into there new digs high in the trees. That's Saucy Sashi checking in on the Girl Digs.

That's Saucy's kid, the love of Girl Child's life, also checkin' on the Girl Digs.

Girl Child is giving the whole situation Serious Contemplation.

I think they might be overcome with apprehension.Boy Child is devastated to learn he will be living with said character for next few days.

And I think this is a sign for what's coming my way.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: I am sorry this took so long to type. You had to go off to bed by yourself - Broke And Tired.


Karla Porter Archer said...

oh you poor thing.

and those poor children! they looked traumatized! I hope they are alright.

xo ~K
(enjoy! ;0)

Rudy said...

They're gonna have a blast there! And looks like Bitty took my blanket to comfort her :)

FerLee said...

WOW!!! Camp never quite looked like that when I was a kid. Impressive.

I'm sure they'll cope, although it might be a bit harsh. What terrible parents you must be for sending them out in the wilderness to fend for themselves. I'm sure they'll just hold it against you forever. And I'm sure they'll never forget it as long as they live.

Anonymous said...

To be young again and actually appreciate sleeping in a plywood structure!
Have a great time in your OINK-dom!
Honestly, I'm a little envious....

Oh yeah... as far as I know, my dad was too busy witlessly copulating in the woods of northern Ontario, Canada, the spring of '68- good thing, or I wouldn't be here- but you know, anything's possible;)

ShEiLa said...

looks like lots of fun... no one is looking apprehensive to me. They look like they are excited to have an adventure. You are just temporary oinkers.... we are permanent oinkers... lucky you, I mean us!
we drove by a community pool today... oh the days of being a carefree kid.

Flea said...

Your kids are SUCH HAMS!!! Have a great time as an oinker!

Jenni said...

BATS! LOL! Hadn't heard that one.

Boy child looks devastated, all right.

Looks like a flippin' sweet camp!